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Why does my inkjet printer print with horizontal lines?

...this please consult your printer manual or just print our very own Colour Inkjet Printer Test Page. If however you are experiencing something similar to either of these two issues it is safe to say that one or more colours is partially blocked within your printhead. How do I clear this blockage? Thankfully the majority of printers available have cleaning facilities built into them which are ideal for clearing such blockages or dried patches from...

What is a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

...original cartridge. You can find remanufactured versions of many different ink cartridges online including those originally produced by Canon, Epson, Dell, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lexmark, Samsung and Sharp. When remanufacturing inks the cartridges are cleaned through and then have any non-reusable parts replaced, before being refilled with a high quality ink. If the cartridges require an ink level estimate to be recognised by a printer they then ha...

Can I Use An Out of Date Cartridge in My Printer?

...ue paper and holding the printhead of the cartridge on the damp patch for 30-60 seconds. This will hopefully break down any dried ink. With this done I recommend performing a few head clean from your printer to pull fresh ink from the cartridge. There is of course a chance that this will not resolve the issue, but as the dried printhead poses no threat to your printer and the alternative is disposing of the cartridge, it is certainly worth a try....

Printing with the Black Ink Cartridge Only

...p you printing with the black cartridge only to force you into buying more ink cartridges. Whilst I am sure they don’t complain about the extra funds, there are several very valid reasons for your printer to prevent you from printing with only a single cartridge installed. The main reason being that ink can dry at the point of exit from a printhead if left for an extended period of time. This not only degrades the quality of your prints, but can c...

Christmas Prize Draw Results

...s FM Radio – K. Millington Brother Labelling Machine – A. Walls 12 Radinks Photo Paper Packs – O. Ellams, P. Lyndsey, K. Tsang, V. Brankin, N. Whitfield, A. Waldock, A. Whitelaw, M. Adams, C. Blackmun, S. Horseman, M. Smith and S. Burse We had a fantastic response to this competition and so we’re planning on making it a regular event which we will announce on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. If you’re not following us alr...

Keeping the Kids Quiet this Christmas

...ovely Santa dolls with your friends. Tweet Penguin Ornament by Spoonful Follow @spoonful_com I used to love making Christmas tree decorations when I was younger and these penguins caught my eye immediately. Not only do they look great, but they are simple as well. This means the kids should have little problem completing this papercraft project solo. Spread the word about these decorations. Tweet Santa’s Little Helpers by Christopher Bonnette Foll...

Printing News Roundup 07/12/2012

...d be able to help you relatively cheaply. Be sure to check it out via the link below and please forgive me for the terrible pun earlier. More details of Michelle’s brainstorm and links to dozens of fantastic potential wrapping papers can be seen here. Please take a moment to share this article. Tweet Foldify by Barry Ritholtz’ Follow @ritholtz Barry Ritholtz’ blog brought an excellent video and App to our attention this week. The mention of printe...

How to Uninstall Your Printer (Windows 7)

...el and then Devices and Printers. Right click the printer from Devices and Printers and select “Remove device”. Removing Drivers and Packages If you are looking to remove all traces of the printer you will want to remove software packages and drivers. These can typically not be removed like a regular piece of software and require you to access the “printerui” utility. Make sure you are using windows as an Admin or sign-in as one. Go to Start>All P...

“Replace Drum” or “Replace Parts Drum” after changing a Brother DR3200 Drum Unit

...“Replace Parts Drum” error messages on the following printers Brother DCP-8070D, MFC-8370DN, MFC-8380DN, DCP-8085DN, MFC-8880DN and MFC-8890DW. How do I reset the counter? Press down the cover release button and open the front cover of the printer. Remove the drum unit and toner cartridges assembly. Re-install the drum unit and toner cartridge, but leave the front cover open. Press the Clear/Back button. Now confirm the installation of a new drum...

“Drum End Soon” or “Replace Drum” on HL-5380DN after changing DR3200 Drum Unit

...um was changed. Unlike the TN3230 and TN3280 black toner cartridge the DR3200 drum unit requires a simple prompt be entered upon when changing the unit. This prompt resets an internal counter used to estimate wear and tear on a drum by monitoring how many pages have been printed and at what coverage. If the reset procedure was not followed when changing the drum you can still perform it later on, but please be aware that your printer will “forget”...

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