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Category Archive: Printer Cartridges

Articles about ink and toner cartridges.

“Remove and Reinstall the Indicated Cartridge” HP 302 & HP 304 Symbols

When replacing ink cartridges in your Hewlett Packard printer, occasionally the original or remanufactured HP 302 or 304 ink cartridge will not be recognised. The full message is likely to read… “Remove and Reinstall the Indicated Cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed.” Whilst this can normally be resolved with some simple troubleshooting (like that …

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How to fix the ‘Replace Toner’ or ‘Toner Low’ warning for Brother TN-241 and TN-245 toner cartridges

After replacing the toner cartridges in your printer and it shows the ‘Replace toner’ or ‘Toner Low’ message, you may need to reset the printer’s page counter to continue printing. You may also experience the ‘Replace toner’ error before the cartridge has run out. This can happen if you regularly print small amounts of text …

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HP Black and Colour Ink Cartridge Symbols. Which is Which?

When replacing ink cartridges in you Hewlett Packard printer, occasionally the original or remanufactured HP ink cartridge will not be recognised. The most common Ink Cartridge Problem errors being ““The Following Ink Cartridge must be replaced” or “Remove and reinstall the indicated ink cartridge”. Whilst this can normally be resolved with some simple troubleshooting, it …

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Clearing the HP “Cartridge Problem” Error Message with Firmware Update

...sion. To see HP’s own guide on updating, see here. The HP Officejet Pro 6970, 7740, and 8210’s update only disables dynamic security for printers produced prior to 01/12/2016. Unfortunately, newer versions of this printer will still only accept chips that were manufactured by Hewlett Packard. For all other printers previously mentioned, this firmware update disables the new security feature for all printers, regardless of the manufacture date. If...

Clearing the HP “Cartridge Problem” Error Message with Troubleshooting

...0 and 8740. HP 950XL, HP 951XL and HP 950 HP Officejet Pro 251dw, 276dw, 8100, 8600, 8600, 8600, 8600, 8610, and 8620 e-All-in-One HP 970XL, HP 971XL, HP 970 and HP 971 HP Officejet Pro X451DW, X476DW, X551DW and X576DW HP 913A HP PageWide Pro 352dn, 352dw, 377dn, 377dw, 452dw, 452dwt, 477dw, and 477dwt I hope you have found the information here useful. If however you have anything to ask or add, please get in touch via any of our social media pla...

HP Firmware Updates – April 2019

In the last 24 hours we have been made aware that, unfortunately, HP have released another firmware update preventing the usage of third party cartridges, this update affects the following range of cartridges and printers: HP 903XL/907XL/953XL/913A/973XL OEM: T6M15AE, HP903XL • HP Officejet Pro 6950 • HP Officejet Pro 6960 • HP Officejet Pro 6970 …

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The Differences Between HP 903, 903XL and 907XL Cartridges

With the introduction of the new HP 903, HP 903XL and HP 907XL cartridges, it is important to know which are compatible with your printer. If you are unsure, our cartridge search wizard will help confirm the compatibility. This can be found on the following link https://refreshcartridges.co.uk/ink-cartridges.html To help explain the differences and compatibility between …

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Removing clips and tabs off cartridges with in built print heads

Having trouble getting your new cartridge to fit into your printer or is the new cartridge just not printing anything? Here are a couple things to check when faced with either of these issues: When handling the cartridge, please be careful not to touch the electronic strip or the print head. Cartridge doesn’t fit You …

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What’s the difference between standard and high capacity ink cartridges

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a standard and high capacity ink cartridge? Just as the name implies, the higher capacity contains more ink than the standard. But how is it higher in capacity when the actual cartridge itself is the same size?  Lets take a look inside. Whats inside? As previously …

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How to use an Epson Chip Resetter

...ble to use an ink cartridge resetter to clear messages like “The following ink cartridges cannot be recognised“ or “Ink cartridge(s) cannot be recognised“, and will not allow unrecognised ink cartridges to used. Should I reset my Epson ink cartridge? The resetting of estimated ink levels is best employed by those refilling their Epson ink cartridges. Some chip resetters come with basic instruction on how to refill ink cartridges in the box, but if...

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