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Category Archive: Eco-Friendly Printing

A collection of articles on keeping your printing as green as possible. Whether its recycling empty cartridges or advice on making sure your printing habit is sustainable.

Cheaper Printing for Everyone!

Over the last 18 years of business as Refresh Cartridges, we’ve had regular, daily requests from customers requesting for advice from our staff regarding purchasing the right printer for their needs, either over the phone, via email or in-store , which is great as we can then offer them a choice from a selection of …

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Environmental Responsibility at Refresh Cartridges

Millions of ink and toner cartridges are thrown away every year, often ending up in landfill sites. The plastics and metals they contain can take up to 1000 years to decompose. When your cartridge is empty, it is classed as waste and you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of this waste without harming the environment. This is called your duty of care. Re-using material which would normally have...

Quality & Standards at Refresh Cartridges

In the last 20 years, we have seen huge changes to the way we print documents. The cartridges themselves changed from black to colour and then we saw toner and drum combined in one easy to change unit. Although the price was high, it was more cost effective than regularly calling out an engineer to replace these short life components. Due to the high prices of laser toners we then started to see ‘drill and fill’ operations where you...

How to Save Ink and Paper when Printing Web Pages

I always feel guilty when I print out a webpage naïvely thinking the information I need will presented on a single piece of paper only to find half a dozen pages of unnecessary borders and background images waiting for me in the printer. Not only does it cost me more in ink and paper but it is far from environmentally friendly. With this in mind I set off to find a way of easily streamlining my online printing habit, save ink and money....

Cartridge Recycling With Refresh

In 2006 approximately 120 million laser toner and inkjet cartridges were sold throughout Europe. Regrettably, only about 25% of these units were recovered for re-use (the preferred EU recycling solution). Each year, our partner recycling company prevents approximately 2,500 tonnes of printer consumables entering the waste stream. They were the first recycler to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, their site uses green renewable energy and...

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Unfortunately the freepost return label we use isn’t suitable for toner cartridges so rather then rather than sending then back to our freepost return address then please use the link below to register with our chosen partner GreenIBIS and arrange a collection. Although not all cartridges hold a monetary value for our chosen charity our recycling partner will recycle 100% of everything returned as they believe in a zero landfill...

Ink Cartridge Recycling

If you have an inkjet cartridge to recycle please simply pop it in to any envelope, print out a label by clicking the link below, stick it to the outside of the envelope and we will be happy to get it recycled. DOWNLOAD FREEPOST LABEL Literally any Inkjet Cartridge can be returned to the address above including those originally manufactured by Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak and Lexmark. The above address is only suitable for Inkjet...

Sustainable Printing with ‘Print A Forest’

As time goes on I am becoming more environmentally conscious and have taken steps to make my lifestyle greener. I now walk to work, check every piece of packaging to see what bits can be recycled and shower only when the neighbours start to complain of the smell. One thing that I am very conscious of because of my line of work is how damaging printing can be to the environment. Over half of the world’s forests have been cleared and 40% of this...

Recycle with Refresh

Refresh Cartridges are offering schools up and down the country the option to earn extra money by showing how much they care for the environment. ‘Recycle with Refresh’ is the new, free cartridge recycling service which encourages schools and their attendees to stop throwing the plastic cartridges in the bin thus avoiding the waste ending up in landfill. In return for their collecting efforts the participating schools receive up to...

Refilling Ink Cartridges

In this guide we will be showing you how to refill the majority of HP, Dell, Lexmark and Canon inkjet cartridges. Before following these instructions please take a moment to locate the relevant sub article from the gallery below so you know how much ink and where to inject it for your cartridge: Canon Black PG-37/2145B001, PG-40/0615B001, PG-50/0616B001 Canon Black PG-510/2970B001AA, PG-512/2969B001AA Canon Colour CL-38/2146B001,...

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