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Category Archive: Eco-Friendly Printing

A collection of articles on keeping your printing as green as possible. Whether its recycling empty cartridges or advice on making sure your printing habit is sustainable.

Cheaper Printing for Everyone!

...ue rating, rrp and features that you require, along with a handy purchase link via Amazon. We’ll be updating this tool over the coming months to reflect newly released printers and multi-function devices so you can have up-to-date advice on your next printer purchase, give it a spin by clicking in the image below or visiting https://refreshcartridges.co.uk/cheaper-printing/ directly. It’s our hope that this will spread some of our prin...

Environmental Responsibility at Refresh Cartridges

...up in landfill sites. The plastics and metals they contain can take up to 1000 years to decompose. When your cartridge is empty, it is classed as waste and you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of this waste without harming the environment. This is called your duty of care. Re-using material which would normally have been thrown away has dramatic effects. It not only protects our environment but a...

Quality & Standards at Refresh Cartridges

...rity of them are also STMC and Reach Compliant – This means they have been recognised internationally for their quality and environmental management within their organisation. Through these measures our manufacturers achieve a low failure rate and produce a product that gives comparable quality and performance to that of an original equipment manufacturers cartridge. In July 2011 out of 26842 toner cartridges sold our primary manufacturer had just...

How to Save Ink and Paper when Printing Web Pages

...und images waiting for me in the printer. Not only does it cost me more in ink and paper but it is far from environmentally friendly. With this in mind I set off to find a way of easily streamlining my online printing habit, save ink and money. Internet Explorer The best option I found for IE was HP Smart Print. Whilst I am disappointed that the add-on requires the installation of the Bing bar the add-one itself is actually really well-rounded and...

Cartridge Recycling With Refresh

In 2006 approximately 120 million laser toner and inkjet cartridges were sold throughout Europe. Regrettably, only about 25% of these units were recovered for re-use (the preferred EU recycling solution). Each year, our partner recycling company prevents approximately 2,500 tonnes of printer consumables entering the waste stream. They were the first recycler to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, their site uses green renewable energy and they...

Toner Cartridge Recycling (Temporarily Unavailable)

...though not all cartridges hold a monetary value for our chosen charity our recycling partner will recycle 100% of everything returned as they believe in a zero landfill philosophy. REGISTER AND BOOK A COLLECTION (UNAVAILABLE) Please try to accumulate at least a dozen or so OEM cartridges in order to make this process economically viable. If you are looking to recycle Inkjet Cartridges then please click here as the procedure is different for these...

Ink Cartridge Recycling (Temporarily Unavailable)

If you have an inkjet cartridge to recycle please simply pop it in to any envelope, print out a label by clicking the link below, stick it to the outside of the envelope and we will be happy to get it recycled. DOWNLOAD FREEPOST LABEL (UNAVAILABLE) Literally any Inkjet Cartridge can be returned to the address above including those originally manufactured by Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak and Lexmark. The above address is only suitable for...

Recycle with Refresh

...each new laser toner cartridge and 90 ml of oil is needed to produce each ink-jet cartridge. It’s estimated that more than 30 million ink-jet cartridges are dumped each year in the UK alone, each made of high quality engineering grade polymers which take up to 1000 years to decompose. These facts help to illustrate the importance of recycling cartridges, especially as the price of oil is ever increasing whilst supplies are depleting. If you...

Refilling Ink Cartridges (with a Printhead)

...hould now be all set to start printing again with your refilled cartridge. If your cartridge does not print correctly we recommend leaving it for a few hours or even overnight to give the ink chance to settle. With the majority of refilled cartridge the unit will still warn that it is low on ink. With the exception of Lexmark cartridges marked “Return Programme Cartridge” this will not stop you printing however and any warning can simply be ignore...

Recycling Cartridges for Charity

...ou can get the same quality for a lower cost, they also often contain more ink than their original counterparts and of course remanufacturing is good for the environment as 30 million ink cartridges are dumped in the UK alone every year. If we look at a worldwide statistic, a total of 375 million cartridges per year are dumped and it believed that the plastic that makes up these cartridges will take over 1000 years to decompose. When you consider...

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