Xerox Fax Machines

Xerox Fax Machines

The name Xerox has become synonymous with the process of copying text documents, but in addition to their groundbreaking work in the laser toner industry they are also prevalent in fax machine technology. With a limited range of machines in their range, Xerox's selection is concise at best.

However, this limited range of printers contains a surprising amount of diversity and you can find both inkjet and fax roll based facsimile machines within it. With original Xerox and compatible alternatives available in our catalogue, we are certain that you will find what you are after in the printer categories listed below.

Top Selling Xerox Fax Machines Cartridges

  • Compatible Xerox 8R3683/8R3816 Fax Roll Twin Pack (8R3683/8R3816)

    Compatible Xerox 8R3683 / 8R3816 Fax Roll Twin Pack (8R3683 / 8R3816)

    only £10.97