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Canon Pixma MX395 Printer Review

Canon Pixma MX395 Printer Review

The Canon Pixma MX395 is a budget printer that comes with a surprising amount of features for the price. It is an ideal solution for a home or small office that needs to do an occasional print job, but for regular use you may find slightly lacking and expensive to run.

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  • Copier and Scanner
  • Fax Machine
  • 30 Sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • 100 Sheet Paper Tray
  • Borderless Printing


With a sleek black design with curved corners and an intuitive control panel the Canon Pixma MX395 is an attractive machine that looks fantastic. Measuring 458mm x 385mm it is a sizeable printer and this already large footprint is increased by the extendible paper-feed/print tray that protrudes from the bottom of the printer. Its size is however made up for by its rich selection of features including the ability to automatically scan up to 30 pages at a time from the included document feeder and receive faxes from the built in fax machine.

Canon Pixma MX395 Panel

For the £45-£50 asking price this is an impressive set of features for a budget inkjet printer. Some users may be disappointed however to find the only display offered by the Canon Pixma MX395 is a black and white LCD display and not a full colour LCD prevalent in other Canon printers. If being used as a stand alone printer/scanner/fax this may cause an issue both with visibility and communication between the user and the printer should an error occur, due to an error message and very little other information being given. The included Canon software however does give very clear information computer side if you decide to keep it connected to a PC/laptop.


Whether you decide to use the Canon Pixma MX395 in conjunction with a computer or not it is an incredibly easy machine to set up. A set of non-language specific set-up instructions are included, along with a variety of software for use with a variety of services including Facebook, cloud based services (like Dropbox) and Canons own services. This printer connects directly to your computer via a USB cable (not included) as the sole means of communication. No networking functionality is included with the printer so it will have to remain associated with a single printer or introduced to your network via a USB print server.

Printing and Scanning

Printing with the Canon Pixma MX395 is not particularly fast with an average IPM of 8.7 for mono printing and 5 for colour prints. I also found the printing and the general use of this printer rather noisy and heard some disconcerting noises coming from the unit. The quality however is great, whilst printing text does not quite give the crispness of a laser printer it is still more than acceptable for an inkjet printer. As a leading manufacturer of photo printers the exception photo printing quality of the Canon Pixma MX395 should come of no surprise. When printing documents the Canon Pixma MX395 takes paper from the lower extendible paper tray and out puts the finished print directly above it. Sadly this obscures the lower paper input and makes changing paper types or other jobs needlessly fiddly. This seems a shame as this could have been easily avoided with a dedicated internal paper try similar to those present in other Canon inkjets.

The scanner offers great quality results with a maximum resolution of  1200 x 2400dpi and is easy to use thanks to the intuitive control panel mentioned previously. Sadly however the scanner cuts off a small percentage of the page even when a document is placed well within the boundaries marked in the scanner bed, this makes scanning in documents without a border rather troublesome.

Cartridge/Running Cost

The Canon Pixma MX395 takes two cartridges, one black PG-540 and one tricolour CL-541 (cyan, magenta and yellow) cartridge. This model of printing is prevalent in nearly all budget Canon printers and has its advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious is that it increases the running cost of the printer. This is due to the cartridges containing mechanical parts that make purchasing replacement cartridges more expensive. Also the three colours in the tri-colour cartridge will almost certainly run out at different times, meaning you could potentially be replacing a cartridge that is still two thirds full.


This does however work in the favour of users who seldom use their printer, as the printheads come as part of the cartridges and are easily replaced if they should dry out due to a lack of use. This eliminates the chance of costly printhead replacements should the printer become severely dried or blocked.

Our Verdict

The price tag and features of the Canon Pixma MX395 make it a thoroughly recommendable printer for those who do not print much, but need the facility to receive faxes or get a physical copy of a document from time to time. Its high running costs, relatively slow print speed and lack of a network connection make it tough to recommend it for a busy work or home environment though.

If you are printing/receiving more than a few pages a day or regularly print photographs, the Canon Pixma MX395 may not be the printer for you.

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