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Category Archive: DVD and CD Writing

These articles relate to CD and DVD burners and media.

CD/DVD Firmware

...LG branded drive and ‘GSA-H10N’ was the model number. Once armed with this information you should head to the manufacturers website which again can be found relatively easy with a Google search. Once there head to the support section and whilst I can’t tell you exactly where to look you should simply look for a section dedicated to DVD drives and firmware updates. If you have problems locating firmware for your particular drive then a good place t...

BluRay and HD DVD

...al 4.7Gb. All HD DVD players are backwards compatible meaning that you can play standard DVD’s on your new player and there are already plenty of players out there as the technology has been established for a relatively long time. A potential downside to this technology is that no games consoles support this standard straight out the box although Xbox 360 owners do have the option to purchase a HD DVD upgrade for their machines separately from the...


...drives will take either format it is worth bearing in mind that a few new drives and plenty of older drives will still only take the one format it was designed to use. Historically DVD-R has always been the most widely accepted format although more recently some of the stand alone DVD recorders will only accept DVD+RW discs as there are a few technical advantages that lends this format more towards their specific task. Whilst the advantage of DVD...

All about DVD media

...r around £40 or so. DVD technology has been around in Europe now for around 4 years and although most people have used one in order to watch a movie, many may not yet be buying and using DVD data discs for their PCs. Back when the CD ROM was first pioneered it was heralded as a breakthrough as it was able to reliably store vast amounts of data in comparison to the current standards of the times. Over time however, it soon became evident that the l...

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used on Our Website

...mages quickly and cheaply usually by the Xerography printing method. Piezo Inkjet Inkjet printing process that uses electric pulses from piezoelectric crystals to stimulate and force ink through inkjet nozzles onto substrates. Pigment Colorant that cannot be dissolved in a liquid. In inks, produces sharper, darker images on a wider range of plain papers. Pixel A tiny picture element that contains red, green and blue information for color rendering...

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