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Category Archive: Printers

This category contains information on a variety of different printers.

How to Reset TN321 and TN326 Brother Toner Cartridges

If your Brother colour laser printer is still displaying “Replace Toner” or has a red cross over a colour, even after you have replaced a toner cartridge, it may be that the counter has not reset. This can occur with genuine Brother TN321 or TN326 toner cartridges, compatible versions or even remanufactured versions. How to …

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What is HP+? Should I activate it?

HP+ is an optional service for select printers, that offers a host of features to those that choose to enable it when setting up their printer. These features are offered free of charge and include: Extra security updates and monitoring. Printing from even more devices. 6-Months of Instant Ink. Access to HP Advanced Features (for …

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HP Toner Cartridges Running Out Prematurely?

If you have been using HP toner cartridges or even a compatible/remanufactured version for some time, you may notice a deterioration in print quality. This can happen even when the printer thinks there is still some toner remaining. These print quality issues can show as missing colours or even lines down your prints. This is …

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How to Reset Brother DR2400 Drum Counter

When changing your Brother DR2400 drum unit, your laser printer cannot recognise when a new one has been installed and will continue to state “Replace Drum” or “Drum End Soon” with the new unit. Whether you are using an original Brother product, a compatible DR2400 or even a remanufactured/recycled version, a prompt will need to …

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How to Reset Brother DR2300 Drum Counter

Certain laser printers that take the Brother DR2300 drum unit cannot recognise when a new drum unit has been installed and instead rely upon a prompt from the user, upon installation. This prompt is required regardless of whether you are using an original Brother DR2300, a remanufactured imagine drum or even a compatible unit. Giving …

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Drum End Soon/Replace Drum message after replacing DR-321CL Drum Unit

After you change the DR321CL drum unit in your Brother laser, an additional reset must be performed from the printer itself to prepare it for the new item. Once you have done this reset, an internal page counter will be put back to zero. This allows your Brother printer to estimate how much life it …

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Epson Expression Home XP4100/XP4105 Printer Review

Surprisingly compact for a printer scanner copier, the Epson Expression Home XP-4105 is a great fit for most homes or small offices. This printer performs all of its standard functions exceptionally well and efficiently too. It looks lovely in either colour and navigating it without the use of a computer is trouble free.

“Remove and Reinstall the Indicated Cartridge” HP 302 & HP 304 Symbols

When replacing ink cartridges in your Hewlett Packard printer, occasionally the original or remanufactured HP 302 or 304 ink cartridge will not be recognised. The full message is likely to read… “Remove and Reinstall the Indicated Cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed.” Whilst this can normally be resolved with some simple troubleshooting (like that …

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Missing Large Parts of Printed Images? (Windows 10)

We have recently received reports of printer users experiencing large gaps in images when printing on Windows 10. These gaps appear as single wide white stripes and can run both vertically and horizontally, along the full length of the page. What is causing this? Instances of these gaps running down the centre of prints can …

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Canon Pixma TS6350/TS6351 Review

If however, you are looking for an everyday home or small office printer, we would thoroughly recommend the Canon Pixma TS6351. It is reasonably priced, the prints look great and is capable of tackling most basic tasks. Great care seems to have been taken to make this inkjet printer easy to use, and I would be confident leaving my less technologically confident friends and family with it.

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