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Category Archive: Free Downloads

Articles with a selection of freely available downloads.

Label Templates

Here at Refresh Cartridges we sell a lot of labels of all different shapes and sizes, all of which are compatible with the Avery label standards. We know how hard it can be to find the correct template when printing out onto labels so we thought it’d be a good idea to compile all of our templates into one handy, easy to find and bookmark page. The templates are free to download no matter where you bought the labels from (however...

Keeping the Kids Quiet this Christmas

With the Christmas school holidays imminent and the daunting task of keeping the kids entertained on the horizon you may be looking for a quick and festive solution. Thankfully Becky from our Paignton store has taken the time to put together a short list of Christmas papercraft activities that may be an ideal solution for you. All you need is a colour inkjet printer, a pair of scissors, glue, some paper and a little patience. Nesting Santa...

PhotoScape Review

PhotoScape is a freeware image editor with a host of impressive features. In addition to standard image manipulation it offers the facility to split/combine photos, create animated GIFs and much more. For a better idea of what the software has to offer I will now look at the different modes on offer. The Editor allows you to manipulate the image, fine tune contrast, brightness, levels and add a number of effects and image enhancements. The...

Free Photography Downloads: FastStone Image Viewer

Photography can be a rather expensive hobby and once you have spent out on lenses, bags, tripods etc., there can be little money left in the kitty for software tools like photo editors. Thankfully, there are some very good free tools out there and in my software “kitbag”, I have the following: Image Browser Exif Editor Photo Editor RAW Tools Panorama Stitch Software HDR Creator Image Recovery Software For this first article, I shall...

How to Save Ink and Paper when Printing Web Pages

I always feel guilty when I print out a webpage naïvely thinking the information I need will presented on a single piece of paper only to find half a dozen pages of unnecessary borders and background images waiting for me in the printer. Not only does it cost me more in ink and paper but it is far from environmentally friendly. With this in mind I set off to find a way of easily streamlining my online printing habit, save ink and money....

Top 5 Must-Have Free Downloads

I am regularly asked to recommend a piece of software to fulfil certain tasks by customers, friends and family so they can pop out and buy it. I normally end up pointing them in the direction of a free download online that I have been using for years. So today I am going to share with you my list of top downloads that (in my humble opinion) all computer users should have installed. Paint.net Whilst it lacks the advanced features of a programme...

Free Refresh Desktop Background

I recently designed some desktop backgrounds for the computers in our Refresh Cartridges trade counters and liked them so much I thought I would share them with our customers. The background is based loosely on the BBC test card but features our mascot Penta the penguin. If you would like to claim one for yourself please click the relevant link below and then right click the image before selecting “Set As Desktop Background”. These...

Colour Inkjet Printer Test Page

The most common printer that enters our trade counters is the humble inkjet printer by a long way. Unfortunately if someone has brought it in for us to have a look it normally means they are experiencing problems with the machine. Most problems can easily be solved there and then with a simple bit of troubleshooting, so it is always handy to have a good test page at our fingertips. So today I thought it would be a good idea to share with you...

Mono Laser Printer Test Page

Mono Printer Test Page Four colour printer test pages are pretty common but it is very rare I find a decent test page for a mono laser printer. So I normally end up running a whole bunch of separate tests on multiple bits of paper when taking a look at a printer which is far from an effective use of time (and toner). With this in mind I decided to put together a test page that should be able to detect all of the most common print quality...

Colour Laser Printer Test Page

Laser Printer Test Page There are a lot of print quality test pages available and most laser printers have their own one built in as well. However it is very rare I fine one that adequately shows everything I like when giving a printer a quick check-up. So I created my own for us to use in house here at Refresh and thought I would share it with you and explain what each section is designed to check. The page can be viewed/printed here or...

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