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All about DVD media

Although I’d expect the majority of my readers to know exactly what an DVD disc is, it seems that far too many people have not taken the plunge to purchase a DVD player for their computer even though you can pick up a drive for around £40 or so. DVD technology has been around in Europe now for around 4 years and although most people have used one in order to watch a movie, many may not yet be buying and using DVD data discs for their PCs. Back...

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

I’ve talked before about ways to get the most from your inkjet printer but now that we’ve started selling remanufactured toner cartridges on our website it seemed like a good time to recap exactly how much you could be saving by making a wise choice for your printing needs from day one. When it comes to inkjet printer cartridges a lot of people are at a loss as to what to buy or they just assume that all printers irrespective of make or model...

Recycling Cartridges for Charity

A while back I did an article about sending your empty cartridges back to a mail order company in exchange for a small cash reward. This week I’m going to talk about an even better idea which involves less effort but a better result – recycling cartridges for charity. Many printers on the market use cartridges which contain copyrighted printheads and hence they can’t have cheaper new alternative made of them so unfortunately the only way...

Compatible and Remanufactured Cartridges

As you know I cover a wide range of subjects in these blogs but from time to time I like to come back to talking about what my company does best which is of course the sale of printer cartridges. Some of my loyal customers will already know this already but we have recently set up a trade counter in Torquay Road so that as well as making orders online it is now possible for customers to come into store and collect their computer consumables...

Price of Ink Cartridges

Once again I’ll be spending this week answering a question recently sent in by one of my readers. “Just to inform you that I recently bought a #17 Black cartridge from Lexmark for my Lexmark X1160 printer from Argos in Torquay, I am very disappointed with the Lexmark brand as it seems to have lasted only a few weeks with only probably 50 x A4 printouts. Can you tell me if this is usual and what is the difference between the cartridge...

Compatible Cartridges

I thought I’d take the time this week to touch on a subject that I’ve briefly swept over in the past and as a result I’ve since received many queries about and that is the area of compatible printer cartridges. This is a product which could save many of you money on your printer running costs as there are now a fair few companies around selling these cartridges which claim to be the same quality as those produced by Epson, HP, Canon and the...

Inkjet or laser printer. Which should you buy?

Today, when looking for a perfect printer, you have a choice between two completely different technologies, either a inkjet or laser printer; I will briefly explain both styles of printer today and what to look for when buying. Inkjet Printer This style of printer uses ink cartridges to spray a fine pattern of ink onto the paper with incredible accuracy. The most common choice for the home user, inkjet printers are cheap to purchase and are...

Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer

I’ve spent most of this week explaining to people why they are required to spend a small fortune on cartridges for their printers as amazingly they are genuinely surprised that when buying a new printer from Lexmark for £19.99 that the cartridges that come with the machine are not only half filled but also expensive to replace. A Typical Day at the Office It is amazing the hostile reaction I get as usually these people have been referred to my...

What is a Page Yield?

A page yield is an figure provided by an ink/toner cartridge manufacturer to give the consumer a rough idea how many pages they can expect from the cartridge. This allows consumers to check the running costs of their printers and also estimate how long a cartridge will last. A New Standard in Page Yields I heard news today regarding a new standard allowing consumers to compare the potential ongoing running costs of printers was being pushed...

Why Buy from Refresh Cartridges?

There are numerous UK websites selling cheap ink and toner cartridges in the UK but unfortunately many of these are more focused on price rather than quality. Since the majority of the orders that we receive are from repeat customers and recommendations we realise that superb quality is as important as great value. We only sell quality inkjet and toner cartridges on our website. These have been tested in our offices and used on a daily basis....

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