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Sumvision N-Cube Pro 2.1 Speaker System Review

...ided goes from phono to a 3.5mm audio jack typically used with a PC or MP3 player player it would be possible to connect the phono ports on your TV etc. if you should wish. However I would only recommend this for smaller kitchen/bedroom set-ups as the design of the unit is geared towards use with a PC and may not hold up too favourably if you are trying to watch a blockbuster film in a high ceilinged room. The disadvantages of the wonderful set ar...

Refresh Cartridges featured on BBC News 24

Refresh Cartridges managing director Chris Holgate was today featured on BBC News 24 talking about the VAT advantage extended to our Channel Island based competitors and how as a company we try to remain competitive. For years we have been offered the opportunity to move offshore to either make it easier for us to remain competitive or, alternatively, simply pocket an extra 20% which would have otherwise gone to the UK government. Being a small p...

HiPoint Webcam VCH8-M30LA Review

...the only illumination I could find in such conditions was provided by the glow of my monitor and not from the faint glow of 3 white LEDs. Its disappointing that a feature like this would be so heavily advertised on the front of the packaging but not be at all true once you plug the camera in. Another eccentricity I found was a digital camera style button for taking still s in placed on top of the unit. I could not find support for the feature in t...

Lexmark Firmware Update Warning

...pdate early reports indicate the problem can be solved in many cases by following the steps below: 1. Uninstall the printer drivers/software for the machine in question. 2. Re-install the printer driver/software with disconnected internet connection and ignore the prompt when the upgrade is offered again. This method is far from 100% proven to work and we are sceptical as to whether this would uninstall the firmware as in similar cases it is the i...

BCL CD-360W Dynamic Headset Review

...into the category of budget peripherals. These headsets come in black or pink and they look pretty nice. They are not particularly stylish but only the most egocentric of computer user will be ashamed to be seen wearing one. The build quality is also great and first impressions are that this unit will last many years if treated right. A flexible almost leather strap runs independently on the inside of the metal headband to avoid it digging in and...

Parts inside the printer have reached the end of their service life

...is important to realise that resetting the counter won’t remove any ink from the ink absorber. From here you have a couple of options.. Protect the surface under the printer and continue printing as normal until the ink inside eventually overflows. Use the search engine of your choice to locate instructions on how to replace/clean the pads yourself. With the reset and the clean/replacement done you should be able to carry on printing using...

TP-Link USB Cradle (UC100) Review

...ht away. The product itself should be compatible with any system that uses USB as it is effectively a USB extension cable. The key difference being the female end stands upright and has a couple of extra features. All of the USB devices I tried fit nicely and I can’t think of any that wouldn’t and the female end protrudes nicely from the base meaning it shouldn’t conflict with anything near by or the base itself. It is however a...

“The Following Ink Cartridge must be replaced” HP 301 Symbols

...our (CH564EE) cartridges which are used in the printers below. HP Deskjet 1000 HP Deskjet 1010 HP Deskjet 1050 HP DeskJet 1050A HP Deskjet 1510 HP Deskjet 1512 HP Deskjet 1514 HP Deskjet 2050 HP DeskJet 2050A HP Deskjet 2050s HP Deskjet 2054A HP Deskjet 2510 HP Deskjet 2512 HP Deskjet 2540 HP Deskjet 2542 HP Deskjet 2544 HP Deskjet 2545 All-In-One HP Deskjet 2549 All-In-One HP DeskJet 3000 HP Deskjet 3050 HP DeskJet 3050A HP Deskjet 3055A HP Deskj...

Refresh Cartridges on Twitter

...ful customers old and new offering support and advice on anything printer, ink and toner related. You can expect regular updates on products, services, offers and competitions so there should always be something of interest to you. In addition to this we will regularly share things of interest to business and home users related to the industry and offer hints and tips. As we are all geeks at heart here at Refresh you can expect an occasional tech,...

How to save money when buying Brother Ink Cartridges

...e yield per unit. A Brother TN135 cartridge for example will produce 5,000 pages out of the black and 4,000 pages per colour which compares favourably with a HP CB540 series cartridge which will produce 2,200 pages out of the black and 1,400 pages per colour. An alternative for those looking to save money on their printing costs is to start using remanufactured toner cartridges. These units are original Brother toner cartridges which have been ful...

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