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Compatible Cartridges

I thought I’d take the time this week to touch on a subject that I’ve briefly swept over in the past and as a result I’ve since received many queries about and that is the area of compatible printer cartridges. This is a product which could save many of you money on your printer running costs as there are now a fair few companies around selling these cartridges which claim to be the same quality as those produced by Epson, HP, Canon and the...

Inkjet or laser printer. Which should you buy?

Today, when looking for a perfect printer, you have a choice between two completely different technologies, either a inkjet or laser printer; I will briefly explain both styles of printer today and what to look for when buying. Inkjet Printer This style of printer uses ink cartridges to spray a fine pattern of ink onto the paper with incredible accuracy. The most common choice for the home user, inkjet printers are cheap to purchase and are...

Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer

I’ve spent most of this week explaining to people why they are required to spend a small fortune on cartridges for their printers as amazingly they are genuinely surprised that when buying a new printer from Lexmark for £19.99 that the cartridges that come with the machine are not only half filled but also expensive to replace. A Typical Day at the Office It is amazing the hostile reaction I get as usually these people have been referred to my...

What is a Page Yield?

A page yield is an figure provided by an ink/toner cartridge manufacturer to give the consumer a rough idea how many pages they can expect from the cartridge. This allows consumers to check the running costs of their printers and also estimate how long a cartridge will last. A New Standard in Page Yields I heard news today regarding a new standard allowing consumers to compare the potential ongoing running costs of printers was being pushed...

Why Buy from Refresh Cartridges?

There are numerous UK websites selling cheap ink and toner cartridges in the UK but unfortunately many of these are more focused on price rather than quality. Since the majority of the orders that we receive are from repeat customers and recommendations we realise that superb quality is as important as great value. We only sell quality inkjet and toner cartridges on our website. These have been tested in our offices and used on a daily basis....

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used on Our Website

A Apple An American computer technology corporation. Introduced the LaserWriter printer, the first laser printer to be offered at a reasonable price.   B Banding The presence of extraneous lines in a printed page. Black The absence of reflected light; the color that is produced when an object absorbs all wavelengths from the light source. The letter “K” is used to represent black in the CMYK acronym to differentiate it from...

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