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HP LaserJet Error 18 – MIO Not Ready

  If you are receiving this message please take the following steps: The printer is either not connected to a local area network (LAN). Please ensure that a network cable is running between the printer and your router and that a computer on the network can see the printer. If this doesn’t help there may be a problem with the installed MIO/Jet Direct card. In which case please contact HP technical support if the machine is in warranty...

HP LaserJet Error 16 – Toner low

If you are receiving this message please take the following steps: This should only appear if the printer believes the cartridge in question has printed sufficient pages at an average coverage. You remove the cartridge and hold if level and shake it gently from side to side this should level out the toner. This can stretch the life of the toner for another 50-100 pages. A new cartridge will be required soon so be sure to buy one ASAP. If it is...

HP LaserJet Error 14 – No EP cartridge

If your printer reports the cartidge is not installed when one is present please take the following steps: Remove the cartridge from the printer and then firmly re-install it ensuring it is fully seated. For HP LaserJet II, IISi, III and 4Si printers ensure the toner cartridge has at least one tab on the right side. If there are two holes but no square plastic protrusions the printer will be unable to recognise the cartridge. If a single tab...

HP LaserJet Error 13 – Paper Jam

Paper jams can occur at entry, during printing or when the paper exits from HP LaserJet printers. Depending upon the situation please follow the relevant advice below: If your printer is not picking paper up out of the paper tray, check the rollers closest to the tray. If they look overly smooth/shiny then replacement rollers and pickups can normally be purchased cheaply from eBay are relatively easy to replace. If the jam is occurring in a HP...

HP LaserJet Error 12 – Printer Open or No EP Cartridge

If you are receiving this message please take the following steps: Fully open the top cover of the printer. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer Firmly re-install the toner cartridge. Close the top cover of the printer ensuring noting obstructs it. Check that the tab on the fuser access door above the multi-purpose tray (for envelopes etc) is not broken. Examine the fan to ensure it is turning and not excessively dirty (if both are fine...

HP LaserJet Error 11 – Out of Paper

If you are receiving this message please take the following steps: Ensure there is paper in the tray and that it is laying flat and straight. Remove the paper and inspect the inside of the tray to ensure no tabs, levers or arms are bent or broken. If “Error 11” is still showing then the paper control sensor may not be operating correctly. In this case please contact HP technical support if the machine is in warranty or a technician...

HP LaserJet Error 02 – Warming up

If you are receiving this message please take the following steps: Turn the printer off. Unplug the USB or I/O cable from back of printer. Turn the printer back on again and wait for it to start up and hopefully change to “Ready”. If printer reports “Ready” the issue could be down to a driver problem, a defective USB or I/O port in the computer or even a faulty USB or I/O cable. If the printer still reports “Error...

Why do my photos look different on screen to when printed?

It is perfectly normal if your photos look different than they did on screen once printed. This is because the two technologies use very different methods in the way they create images. So first of all lets take a quick look at the differences between the two. When you look at an image on your computer screen it is using a combination of red, green and blue pixels (RGB) to add light to your black monitor and create the best representation of...

RGB and CMYK Gallery

To demonstrate the difference between how an image will appear on a monitor within the RGB colour space and how it will look in CMYK when printed we have put together a gallery of nature themed examples for you.  The two images are shown side by side for a fair comparison with RGB on the …

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Fixing Faded Prints with HP Colour LaserJet

The HP Colour LaserJet 1600, 2600 and 2605 series of printers have the same basic internal design and also sadly share a common fault. They are prone to a build-up of toner, dust and dirt on mirrors and lenses inside the printer. The most vulnerable of these mirrors works closely with the magenta toner cartridge so after these machines have had a fair amount of use this is normally the first colour to be affected. However as laser printers...

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