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HP 364XL & HP 364 Low Ink Warning

HP 364XL & HP 364 Low Ink Warning

If you have recently installed a refilled/remanufactured cartridge or have just transferred a chip from a used  HP 364 or 364XL and are getting a low ink warning please do not panic. This is perfectly normal for these cartridges as they all rely upon previously used chips to get an ink level estimate.

However any HP 364 low ink warning given to you by this range of printers will let you continue regardless by simply OK or continue as shown below.The only disadvantage is that you will not get any indication of when the ink is running out. However I would advise simply keeping a spare cartridge in stock and checking the quality of your prints.

This advice applies to the following printers:

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  • HP DeskJet 3070A
  • HP Photosmart 5510
  • HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart 5515
  • HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One
  • HP PhotoSmart All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B109a All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B109c All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B109d All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B109f Special Edition
  • HP Photosmart B109n Wireless
  • HP Photosmart B109q Wireless
  • HP Photosmart B110a Wireless e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B110c Wireless e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B110d Wireless e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B110e Wireless e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart B8550
  • HP Photosmart B8553
  • HP Photosmart C5380
  • HP Photosmart C5383
  • HP Photosmart C5390
  • HP Photosmart C6300
  • HP Photosmart C6380
  • HP Photosmart CN245B Wireless e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart D5460
  • HP Photosmart D7560
  • HP Photosmart eStation
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart Plus B209
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus B209a
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus B209b
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus B209c
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus e All-In-One b210
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-In-One b210a
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-In-One b210b
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-In-One b210c
  • HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-In-One b210e
  • HP Photosmart Premium All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart Premium C309
  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g
  • HP Photosmart Premium C309h
  • HP Photosmart Premium C309n
  • HP Photosmart Premium C310
  • HP Photosmart Premium e-All-In-One
  • HP Photosmart Premium e-All-In-One C310a
  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax
  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a
  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309c
  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-In-One C410b

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I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.

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  1. homolamil

    Hello, I have a similar problem as stated, but my printer: HP Photosmart Al-in-One b010 in the list of compatible printers is not. After inserting the remanufactured cartridges HP 364 HP with the original chip and confirmation, ok "display the warning about the low level of ink, but printer cartridges accepted. I pushed the fifth A4 photos in perfect quality. When printing the next image is changed to scan quality. Warning on the amount of ink in all cartridges are changed to:

    ?,?,?,? and the printer stops responding. Status has not changed even after supplements of all ink cartridges (I thought that the quality has changed under the ink!) I lowered the head cleaning program. Treatment took place but after entering the command to print a test page the printer is not responding. Does not respond to the command to print a diagnostic page. It is possible that the chips life ended suddenly on all four cartridges? Printer offline commands to control the buttons on the printer itself is working normally: copy and then print a color cover page of the magazine took place smoothly and in good quality color and did not even mentioned the line spacing (interruptions after about 1/2 to 1 mm). You are my last hope, because while I always got advice that I bought new original cartridges! But then why sell with ink, when the amount that I bought is about to 20.naplnení a chip according to the experience on the 2nd! I was thinking a set of CISS for HP Photosmart b010, but it is not clear to me how to manipulate liters printer ink each color! Or in this case, change Tzipi? It remains to me only to believe that this is my plea for advice given to you translated into English, because I unfortunately do not speak the language. All good wishes to you and waiting for a positive response Milan Homola, Slovakia.

    1. Matthew Stevenson

      I cannot imagine that all of the chips would give up electronically at the same time. When you go to print is any message given that states what the problem with the cartridges is?

      It is strange that the printer will not respond to requests to print a test or diagnostic page but can do a colour copy perfectly (although I must admit I do not understand what you mean by “did not even mentioned the line spacing (interruptions after about 1/2 to 1 mm)”). Was the request to print the test and diagnostic page send from the PC or the printer directly? If you go to “Printers and Faxes” from control panel could you please confirm the printer is showing as Online and is not greyed out at all?

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