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Category Archive: Guides

Guides relating to ink cartridges, toner cartridges and printers in general.

How to save money when buying HP Ink Cartridges

There can be one of three primary styles of printing technology utilised in a HP Printer and, as such, selecting the one that best suits your needs is important in order to get the best value for money from your prints. Some HP Printers rely on a printer head inside the actual cartridge itself and although this does mean that every time you get a new cartridge you also get a new print head, this can also present a number of disadvantages: These...

How to save money when buying Fax Cartridges

Although the fax machine could be considered a dying breed with the increased popularity of e-mail, many people still have use for them on a regular basis, especially businesses. The ongoing running costs of a fax machine vary tremendously depending on the manufacturer of the machine and so rather than looking at the initial purchase price it is often a better idea to the long term costs. The four main types of printing technology employed in a...

How to save money when buying Epson Ink Cartridges

Epson printers have the advantage of having the printer head built in to the printer itself meaning that when you buy replacement cartridges you only need to buy the ink tanks. These tanks, in most instances, can be individually swapped over meaning that if your cyan colour runs out you can usually just replace the cyan cartridge. The price of the original Epson cartridges vary quite wildly so it is important to select the correct printer based...

How to save money when buying Dell Ink Cartridges

Dell are a relative newcomer to the printer industry, however not everyone is aware that these machines are actually, in most circumstances, rebadged Lexmark machines. While many of the machines use theoretically the same cartridges as their Lexmark equivalents there can be potentially a couple of issues using a Lexmark cartridge in a Dell machine or vice versa. Most cartridges have at least a different lid stopping one cartridge from...

How to save money when buying Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon printers can either work out to be one of the most cost effective machines on the market or one of the most expensive and as such it is important to make the right choice when purchasing a Canon machine. There are two primary types of Canon printers, those with the printer head in the cartridge and those with the printer head in the machine. Machines that have the printer head in the cartridge often suffer from a number of disadvantages:...

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