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Epson AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N Print Quality Problems

Epson AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N Print Quality Problems

If you are experiencing gaps or white lines vertically down your print or even horizontally with the C1100, CX11N & CX21N this can often be due to the laser lens inside the printer being obscured. This can be caused either by toner spilling onto it when changing cartridges or from one or more of the cartridges not being fully locked after installation.

Here is a few examples of problems that may occur as the result of this issue.

Such a problem can be solved relatively easy by cleaning the print head of your printer. To do so simply follow the video or instructions below:


  1. Remove rectangular cleaner cover located towards the bottom right land corner of the right side panel of the printer.
  2. Open the cover on the front of the printer.
  3. Pull the blue lever located towards the right hand side of the inside of the printer to open the sliding panel under where the cleaner cover was.
  4. Extend and replace the blue cleaner five times to clean the head.
  5. Replace the cap and close the tray again.

With these steps completed please print a test page to see if this has resolved the quality issues. We recommend printing our own Laser Printer test page that can be found here as this page shows the four toners working individually.

If the problem remains but the quality has improved please return to step one and run through the cleaning procedure again. If however the print shows no improvement it would appear there has been a toner spillage inside the machine and we would advise checking the user guide for your printer for specific instructions and contacting Epson directly if the problem remains.

About the author

I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.

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  1. Clynt French

    Hi, thanks for your advice on how to clean the printer head. So simple when you know how. I also have another problem now with my Epson Aculaser C1100. It is now printing out grey ish blurry lines. I wonder if you could advice me what this might be and how I might be able to rectify it? Thanks, Clynt French.

  2. Daniel M

    Hi we have a problem with our home printer Aculaser c1100 – whenever we print in colour the colour flakes and peels off the paper.. I have searched on Google and cant see anything at the moment. Have you come across this problem before?… it is as though the ink doesn’t fix to the paper?

  3. brandon

    Great help!

  4. Kim

    Massively helpful and worked, thank you! It's now printing out with black dots on it though… any ideas? thank you

  5. Dimitris

    Excellent! Thank you very much for your help!

  6. becky gibson

    I am experiencing problems with my Epson aculaser c1100 as each sheet in prints has a vertical grey line just left of centre on a portrait a4 sheet. I have cleaned heads as above many times and wiped the roller at the back of the paper tray which works for a couple of sheets but then it happens again. Have you any ideas? I also have a brand new epson c1100 which has no photoconductor unit or toners. Is it possible to remove these items from my faulty printer and put in the new one? Many thanks for your help with this.

  7. Deadkeen

    My Epson Aculaser C1100 has a probllem when printiing . . the colours seem to "drag" down the page, and show by small "spikes" about 10 mm long vertically downwards. The rest of the page prints perfectly. Could this be toner spillage, and how do I clean it if it is, please?

    1. neville diener

      If the spikes are equidistant it may be the same thing mine did open top cover. top of developer unit was pressed down and scraping paper. I glued an aluminium strip to it to hold it up a little. Fixed.

  8. Jane Blackford

    We have a problem wit out Aculaser C900, it is consistently printing on one side like a set of varied bar codes, this also happens when we print a blank page. Have tried cleaning sheet but has not worked. Would love some advice if possible as above does not apply to this printer. Thank you

  9. Ivan

    Hi, my problem is I get a blank strip about 1 inch wide on the far right side edge of the page from top to bottom on all pages printed no matter if black or color option is used. But when I scan papper and print it is ok. But when I print from Word then it's problem. Do you know what's about?

  10. Scott

    hi – I've almost given up using the c1100 except for b/w printing. The colour on both graphic pages and photographs is thoroughly washed out. The CMY toners are indicating full, the black is 3/4 full and the photoconductor shows about 4/5ths it is a new replacement and made no difference. I've cleaned the printer head, just in case that'd help – but to no avail. The printer was used a lot when first bought and gave excellent colour prints, I bought a Pixma 640 and have used that in preference to the C1100 which has been more or less redundant for a few years – maybe my neglect has caused the fading! Before I throw it out I want to have a last try – any suggestions would be gratefully received – it was an excellent workhorse.

    1. Neville Diener

      Hi Scott
      same problem.
      I fixed it by setting a color profile in the printer as below:

      on win7:
      Open Devices and Printers

      Select your C1100
      Select C1100 from dropdown box
      Profile selection – Select MANUAL
      Select US Web Uncoated v2
      Click SET AS DEFAULT

      If US Web Uncoated v2 is not available USWebUncoated.icc can be downloaded from adobe.com
      place it in c:windowssystem32spool driverscolor
      then run setup as above.

      If not satisfactory you could try other profiles. I found this one the best out of about 5 i tried.

  11. Frankie

    My friend gave me his Epson AcuLaser CX11NF. It has not been used for 6+ years. I tested the printer after I set it up. B&W print is still excellent. When I tried color printing, the picture was faded and partially missing. When I print documents with color texts, the texts were faded and marks (extra toner) were around the printing. I have no idea what's happening. Are the toner expired?

  12. Renate

    how print a test page? I lost the manual! and the C1100 printer prints very dirty pages with stripes


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