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How to fix the ‘Replace Toner’ or ‘Toner Low’ warning for Brother TN-241 and TN-245 toner cartridges

How to fix the ‘Replace Toner’ or ‘Toner Low’ warning for Brother TN-241 and TN-245 toner cartridges

After replacing the toner cartridges in your printer and it shows the ‘Replace toner’ or ‘Toner Low’ message, you may need to reset the printer’s page counter to continue printing.

You may also experience the ‘Replace toner’ error before the cartridge has run out. This can happen if you regularly print small amounts of text per page but exceed the number of pages set by the counter.

Resetting the counter will allow you to override the error and continue using the toner cartridge – If you do reset the counter for this reason, the printer may not advise when it is low. You will need to monitor your printouts and replace the cartridge when you see a deterioration in the overall quality.

How do you reset the counter on your printer?

The steps required to reset the toner counter can vary depending on the printer you have. If your printer doesn’t have the ‘secure’ button used in Method A, please try Method B:

Method A:

1. Open the front cover to access the cartridges (You don’t have to hold it open, you can rest it down so long as it doesn’t close fully).
2. On the control panel press the ‘X’ button and the Secure button together.
3. Use the arrow keys and press the ‘OK’ button to select the toner cartridge affected by this error.
4. Press the ‘UP’ arrow.
5. Wait for the printer to reset the cartridge.
6. The printer should automatically return to ready mode.
7. Close the front cover and you should be able to continue printing.

Please note:
The front cover needs to remain open during the above steps.

Method B:

1. With the error message on the printer display, press the ‘Cancel’ (X) button to show the main menu.
2. Press the ‘Fax’ button (or the Copy button on the printer display) to make the numeric keypad visible. Then, locate and only locate the Asterisk (*) button on the numeric keypad – It’s important to remember its location as it will not be lit up later when needed.
3. Press the ‘Home’ button to return to the main menu.
4. Open the front cover of the printer (to access cartridges).
5. With the front cover open, press and hold the unlit Asterisk (*) button for 5 seconds.
6. The reset menu will now appear on the printer display.
7.Scroll through the menu to select the colour and yield to reset.
8. The printer display will show ‘Accepted’ once the reset is complete.

Please note:
On the reset menu, the options to choose from will be K = Black, C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow for the Toner, and STD = Standard Capacity Cartridge or HC = High Capacity Cartridge for the capacity.

What printers will this work on?

These methods of resetting the counter have been confirmed for all the colour laser printer models listed below:

We hope this has helped, but please let us know any further questions by email or on Facebook.

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