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How to use an Epson Chip Resetter

How to use an Epson Chip Resetter

We have a small range of chip resetters for various Epson ink cartridges available on our site and often get asked about them. It seems there is a fair amount of misinformation about what chip resetters do and when exactly they should be used. We are going to address some of the most common questions below, to help you get the most from these devices.

What does an Epson chip resetter do?

Resetting the chip on your Epson ink cartridge resets the ink level estimate on a compatible chip, meaning you can continue to use the cartridge when your printer believes that the ink level is low. As a result, when the ink cartridge is reinstalled, the printer will think it is full again and allow you to carry on printing.

It is worth noting however that Epson chip resetters cannot be used to clear other cartridge related messages. You will not be able to use an ink cartridge resetter to clear messages like “The following ink cartridges cannot be recognised or Ink cartridge(s) cannot be recognised, and will not allow unrecognised ink cartridges to used.

Should I reset my Epson ink cartridge?

The resetting of estimated ink levels is best employed by those refilling their Epson ink cartridges. Some chip resetters come with basic instruction on how to refill ink cartridges in the box, but if not, there are many fine tutorials on YouTube for most popular Epson lines.

If however you can hear additional ink inside your cartridge and want to get some extra use out of it, then please be careful. Printing without ink being pulling into your Epson printhead can overheat key components and permanently damage your printer. Manufacturers have a tendancy to overfill ink cartridges for this very reason.

Can I reset the ink cartridges for my printer?u_10149142

We stock several different chip resetters as Epson chip design varies so much, and there is not one-stop resetter. Prior to purchasing we recommend you check any information given, to ensure that the cartridges used by your printer are implicitly mentioned. Wherever you purchase your chip resetter from should have a comprehensive list of compatible products, if in doubt, ask the retailer themselves.

Many Epson chip resetters on the market can only be used to reset ink cartridges that are reading as having low ink, so it is recommended that you do not leave it too long before the estimated ink level ready as “Empty” or “X”. In some machines the printer will treat the machine differently one the ink lever drops below 15%.

Can I reset my compatible ink cartridge?

The short answer is… probably. Whilst all of our own remanufactured/compatible Epson ink cartridges can be reset by their corresponding resetters, there are so many different variations on the market, that no resetter will be able to deal with everything available with your printer.

Epson chip resetters have been designed with Epson original cartridges in mind and we recommend using the genuine article whenever possible.

How do I use my Epson Chip resetter?

The design of chip resetters may vary from brand to brand, but most function in much the same way. Simply press any compatible Epson ink cartridge onto the pins of your chip resetter and wait for the LED to turn green. Please ensure that the pins are lined up with the gold contacts of the cartridge itself, you may need to use an alternate adapter (if one has been provided). The resetter may not use all of the chips contacts, so please don’t worry if it doesn’t match perfectly.

IMG_20171121_133933 crop

If the light does not turn green after a few seconds, then we recommend gently wiping down the chip, to ensure it is clean. You could even use an alcohol based cleaning solution. If the cartridge is still not resetting, then simply try again with another.

Once a cartridge has been successfully reset, simply refill and continue to enjoy the use of your ink cartridge.

We hope that this guide has answered your questions. If however you have any questions that are not covered here, please do let us know in the comments below.


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  1. zulfi

    Good morning

    I need a reset tool for Epson stylus CX4450

    I have no idea how I can save my printer except new and expensive cartridges


  2. Mobin

    My device is epson p 8000

    Can i resset the original cartridge and chip with chip resettor ?

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