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What’s the difference between standard and high capacity ink cartridges

What’s the difference between standard and high capacity ink cartridges

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a standard and high capacity ink cartridge? Just as the name implies, the higher capacity contains more ink than the standard. But how is it higher in capacity when the actual cartridge itself is the same size?  Lets take a look inside.

Whats inside?

As previously mentioned, there is no difference with the size externally, however the internal structure is different.

On opening the cartridges, the most noticeable difference is the size of the sponges inside.  For example: inside a standard HP 62 black cartridge, the restricted tank contains a small sponge holding 4ml of ink, printing approx 200 prints. In comparison the HP62 high capacity black cartridge has no restricted tank so contains a larger sponge that holds 12ml of ink printing approx 600 prints.

To illustrate this we have filmed a short video that shows you the inside of the popular HP62 standard and high capacity black cartridges (C2P04AE)/ (C2P07AE) to show this comparison between the ink chamber sizes and sponges used between the two.



We have also made a short video showing the insides of the HP 62 tri-colour standard (C2P6AE) and high capacity cartridge (C2P07AE), as you may notice, the internal structure is similar in principal to the black: that the standard capacity has the smaller restricted tanks containing smaller sponges compared to the higher capacity which have larger tanks containing larger sponges.


You will notice that the higher capacity are more of an expensive outlay at the start,  however in the long run, they will save you costs especially when looking at the costs per page.  For those who like to use our refilling service, refilling the high capacity cartridges works out at being more cost effective as you get more ink for the same cost as if you were refilling the standard.

Please do feel free to look at our website for competitive prices and to explore our easy to use ink cartridge finder


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