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Label Templates

Label Templates

Here at Refresh Cartridges we sell a lot of labels of all different shapes and sizes, all of which are compatible with the Avery label standards. We know how hard it can be to find the correct template when printing out onto labels so we thought it’d be a good idea to compile all of our templates into one handy, easy to find and bookmark page. The templates are free to download no matter where you bought the labels from (however we’d encourage you to look at our great priced labels here 😉 ) Our templates are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Rectangular Labels:


GLR001WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

1 Per Sheet – 199.6 x 289.1mm – Avery: J8167/L7167


GLR002WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

2 Per Sheet – 199.6 x 143mm – Avery: J8168/L7168


GLF003 Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

3 Per Sheet – 210 x 99.4 mm


GLS004WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

4 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 139mm – Avery: J8169/L7169


GLS006WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

6 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 93.1mm – Avery: J8166/L7166


GLS008WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

8 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 67.7mm – Avery: J8165/L7165


GLR010WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

10 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 57mm – Avery: J8173/L7173


GLS012WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

12 Per Sheet – 63.5 mm x 72 mm – Avery: L7164


GLR014WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

14 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 38.1mm – Avery: J8163/L7163


GLR016WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

16 Per Sheet – 99.1 x 34mm – Avery: J8162/L7162


GLS018WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

18 Per Sheet – 63.5 x 46.6mm – Avery: J8161/L7161


GLS021WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

21 Per Sheet – 63.5 x 38.1mm – Avery: J8160/L7160


GLS024WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

24 Per Sheet – 64 x 33.9mm – Avery: J8159/L7159


GLR027 Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

27 Per Sheet – 63.5 mm x 29.6 mm – Avery: L4737


S040 Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

40 Per Sheet -S044   45.7 mm x 25.5 mm


R044 Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

44 Per Sheet -R044   39 mm x 19 mm


GLS065WTP Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

65 Per Sheet – 38.1 x 21.2 mm – Avery: L7651


R084 Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

84 Per Sheet -R084   46 mm x 11.1 mm


Circular Labels:


GLDF02  – CD / DVD DISC Labels

2 Circular – 117 mm Diameter


GLC002  – Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

2 Circular – 140 mm Diameter


GLCX06 WTP  – Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

6 Labels – 95 mm x 95 mm


GLC012 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

12 Circular – 60 mm Diameter


GLC015 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

15 Circular – 51 mm Diameter


GLC024 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

24 Circular – 45 mm Diameter


GLC035 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

35 Circular – 35 mm Diameter


GLC048 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

48 Circular – 30 mm Diameter


GLC070 –  Permanent A4 Sheet Labels

70 Circular – 25 mm Diameter


Each of these templates can be used with both inkjet and laser printers. You could even use these templates in conjunction with the original Avery labels if you should wish.

We hope that you have found what you are looking for here, but please let us know in the comments if you have any queries.

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