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HP 364/HP 364XL New Chip Design

HP 364/HP 364XL New Chip Design

For the past 18+ months we have been selling compatible HP 364 cartridges that require you to transfer the chips from HP original cartridges to a small plastic chip extender as detailed here. The feedback from these cartridges has been fantastic and the success rate very high. However we have recently been made aware of a change in the chip design of HP 364 cartridges that hinders the use of the chip extenders.

Video Description

How can I identify the new chips?

These new chips can easily be identified as they are roughly half the height of the chips that previously came on the cartridges.

How does this affect me?

The main difference is the raised black blob has been relocated to the underside of the chip and sits recessed into the cartridge. This makes the chips much more difficult to remove without damaging them and the majority of the time crucial bits of the cartridge will chip off while sliding a blade under the chip. Unfortunately even if you are able to remove the chip without damage, the black blob prevents it from sitting flat on the extender.

Can anything be done?

Sadly there are no known fixes at present, but we will of course keep you up to date should we come up with any alternate products that can be used with the new chip design. Currently with the exception of the HP Deskjet 3070, PhotoSmart 5510, 6510 and 7850 you can still use remanufactured cartridges with chips in these printers, but please take a moment to double check compatibility for your printer here.

If you have any experience with this issue or would like to share your thoughts please do so in the comments below.

About the author

Matthew Stevenson

I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.


  1. vic chappell

    hi matthew can you help i have the hp 5510 eprinter the ink cartridges have the new type of chips is it possable to use ink cartridges with the old type of chips

    kind regards vic

    1. Matthew Stevenson

      As long as the cartridges the chips are being removed from were not manufactured prior to September 2010 your printer should accept them without issue. Sadly the HP Photosmart 5510, 5515 3070a, 7510, 6510 etc will recognise these chips as being from a “older generation” cartridge and will refuse to print with them.

      1. ANNE


        1. RefreshCarts

          It is possible to refill these cartridge and I have seen several video guides online. However I have not tried it myself yet.

  2. gael binns

    I am not sure I have my extenders in correctly. The diagram in the instructions are so small.. do the 4 gold strips sit down on the 4 pins deeper in the printer bed, below where the cartridges dop in? Then the printer message comes up "The cartridges appear to be mssing or damaged." I have a B110 model I see.

  3. Matthew Stevenson

    The instructions in these cartridges can be a little unclear due to the translation. The four gold strips do indeed lay on top of the contacts inside the printer (in my experience these normally look like a small golden wire arch). If you have not seen it already I would recommend checking out this video:

    If is a little blurry when showing the extender, but this should help you with the alignment.

  4. Adam

    Hi Matthew

    I have an HP B110 and the error message "Incompatible printhead. The printhead installed is not intended for this printer, or is damaged. Please refer to Printer documentation" has been displayed ever since I have tried to use a chip extender with one of the new (smaller) chips which I prised from a HP 364 Black cartridge.

    I have bought a brand new HP 364 black cartridge which has the old style (bigger) chip and combining this with the original 3 other colour cartridges I still get the error message. I even get it when I power up the printer with NO cartridges installed at all. Have I "broken/locked" my printer ?

    I would appreciate any thoughts or advice you have before I go out and buy another printer.

    Kindest regards – Adam

    1. Matthew Stevenson

      Hi Adam,

      The cartridges for this printer do not actually contain any printheads. The printhead is actually part of printer itself and should in no way be affected by any compatible cartridges or chip extenders.

      The actual printhead is part of the cradle the cartridges sit in and is what the printer uses to put ink to paper. If this part of the printer has never been removed or forcibly moved I would recommend giving HP a call on 08451610030 to see if they have any suggestions.

      Sorry I could not of been more help directly.

  5. Paul Kimberlin

    Hi Matthew, i too am also into the re-manufacturing market for ink cartridges. With ref to the above problem the HP B110, i was made aware that most of the generation of printers have firmware written into its memory. If an ink status monitor is disabled to allow you to use a compatible cartridge, then that may (and i onyle use the word 'may') cause the printer driver to show that error. Has Adam un-installed his printer driver and re-installed it…. It may help…!

    1. Adam

      By 'printheads' I am referring to a (approx) 8mm x 5mm 'chip' that looks a bit like a SIM card. All of the 364 cartridges I have purchased have this chip/printhead on their underside and it is this which makes contact with 4 brass/gold pins seated as part of the printer itself. So I am confused with your reply,,,,? 🙁

      1. Adam

        Thanks Paul, I am getting the error message on the printer as the printer powers up – even without any computers on the wireless network. When you suggest reinstalling the printer driver do you mean on my hone networked computer (one of which is an ipad which just allows me to print to the printer without the need to install drivers on the ipad itself) or do you mean to reinstall the firware/drivers on the printer itself – if so how would I do that ?

  6. Dave D

    I too have a HP110a on installing its third set of inks it displays printhead problem I removed the printhead and cleaned the contacts and replaced the inks still the same message! I inserted the original setup inks to check its reading the ink chips no change with still the same message and it makes no difference if a pc is on or not! I have unpluged it and even removed its internal backup battery! I spent ages setting up this printer up on my PC,s phones and online and also alocating its own I.P. address within my modem so I didnt want to change the printer.I looked for a replacement printhead and its the same price as a new printer and still have no guaratee it will cure it. Unfortunatly I bought it form Robert Dyas and have lost the receipt its only 6 months old (should of gone to PC world they keep all their records!) so I had to buy a new one and start again, I bought a HP3070A as I still have 3 sets of ink in stock after the setup inks ran out (not long!) I tried to install some genuine HP inks and it doesnt recognise them!

  7. Enrika

    I have an HP 3070A and it will not print black or prints it very faintly. I have done everything. Change cartridge, re-align page, print test page, cleaned printer noseld. Yet still no black. What can or should I do?

  8. Sugar

    I have a HP photosmart 5510 and the original cartridges were thrown away as the first set of replacement cartridges arrived and worked fine. The second set of replacement cartridges show the error message of older generation. Can i purchase a chip extender or refillable cartridges that will work or do i have to buy originals hp cartridges each time they run out. Please help as my teenage son has lots of homework to print out but cant afford originals…… Many Thanx

    1. RefreshCarts

      The chip extenders themselves do not have any electronics on them at all. All you would need to get yourself up and running with chip extenders would be an empty set of cartridges with chips that are recognised by the printer. You can then transfer the chips onto the extenders using our video guide here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma3fcR07uoE

  9. John S

    Hi Matthew – I have a new HP5524 which takes the 364 cartridges. What's my best option for cheap hassle free ink. Should I buy compatibles or refill the original HP cartridges somehow?



  10. adwill

    i have a fairly new hp 5510 b111a can i just remove the battery that keeps the memory of the state of the cartridge ie colour and levels and no of sheets
    so i can run any make
    the genuine black keeps running out of ink but it lies run a test print and a clean and alls good again untill it gets turned off then i have to run another test print and do a clean its draining the cartridge
    why do they feel the need to sell a cheapish printer and then rob you blind to keep it running

  11. amani

    Hi there I have also new hp 5524 that uses the 364 cartridges.

    What is my best option. I had several set of hp genuine ink cartridges coming with the printer.as they have the new chip can I just refill them.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  12. M Dodsworth

    Hi , my problem is bought Hp printer 5510 photosmart takes Hp 364 ink cartridge. Soon after buying said low , so bout Hp 364 , now says older generation , to late to take back . How do i get my printer to work

  13. Anthony Cox

    It's high time the consumer of products that cost more to run than to buy, spoke out. If car makers chipped your vehicle to prevent the use of other than recommended oil etc., consumer law would very quickly stop this practice. The ONLY way that those manufactures will start to think about the user is by those potential users STOP purchasing chipped printer products. HIT THEM IN THEIR WALLET!!!. Then they will soon stop this practice. You can purchase a toilet roll holder, which only consumes paper, which is relatively affordable. Thank god they don't use INK.

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