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Finding Printer Drivers Online

Finding Printer Drivers Online

Losing the driver disk that came with your printer used to be a total disaster and normally resulted in the purchase of a new printer. Thankfully now most of our computers are connected to the internet this is a thing of the past as there is a vast library of drivers and additional software available to download direct from the manufacturer.

As such I decided to put together a little list of resources online to help get you up and running if you should find yourself in this unenviable situation. Enjoy!

Finding Brother printer drivers

The Brother Solution Centre lets you search for the model number directly or browse by range or category. The site itself looks a bit aged but gets to the point nicely.

For those of us that need a little extra help with installation the “Driver Deployment Wizard” is available. Otherwise you will be looking to download either the bare driver or the “Full Driver & Software Package” if you want all the little extras that are up for grabs.

Also featured are Top installation questions from users and additional uninstall and repair tools for network printers, and firmware updates for the printer itself.

Finding Canon printer drivers

The Canon Download Centre is split into two man sections one for the consumer and one for businesses. You simply select your country or language , your product and finally the model of your machine. Once you click “Go” you are taken to a dedicated page where you select your operating system and your language again.

Whilst you are probably more interested in printers and multifunction machines this mini site also contains drivers, software and manuals for cameras, camcorders, faxes, and copier/scanners.

Finding Dell printer drivers

Dells Driver & Downloads takes a different approach to this issue and has an option to enter your printer’s “Service Tag” to get a whole range of information and downloads. If you do not know where your service tag is located thankfully a small guide is a single click away.

For those of us who prefer a more traditional approach you can browse by model/series number or even login to select it from the products you have registered with Dell. I am slightly put off by Dells insistence on downloading the “Dell Download Manager” if you require a whole series of files. However a nice little FAQ section has many articles to help you out including one that details how to uninstall the software when you’re done.

Finding Epson printer drivers

The Epson Support centre has a simple search bar to enter your model number and the rest of the landing page is dominated with additional support options. It is a shame there are no other ways to search but a little guide is provided to help you find your model number if you are not sure. Epson’s website automatically detects your operating system and but still asks you to confirm just in case before giving you a list of drivers and software for you to choose from. This site is very simple and streamlined and you can even opt in to receiving information by email in the future if you so wish.

Finding HP printer drivers

In addition to searching by model number or category the HP Support & Drivers centre has the ability to automatically detect which hardware you have connected. It requires an up to date browser and a recent incarnation of Windows but for most users this will be the way to go. Another nice feature is the link to an application that attempts to check your system for any HP drivers that need updating. This application is a little more fussy about the setup of your system and may not work for everyone.

When you finally make it to the download page you are presented with a whole host of different options but to be honest you will probably want to ignore “HP Managed Printing Administrator” and “HP Easy Printer Care Software” and concentrate on the simple download links. Those who prefer the days of hoarding away their driver discs may be interested in the option of ordering a CD-ROM of printing software from HP though.

Finding Lexmark printer drivers

Lexmark’s Support & Downloads section of their website has a very user friendly interface that lets you search by model or category and even has images to reassure your choices. Once at the correct page you are presented with a selection of useful options including downloads, manuals, articles and even a facility to check the status of your warranty.

It is nice to see a support site that is easy to use and gives you exactly what you need without unnecessary additional downloads or intrusive software.

Finding Samsung printer drivers

Samsung’s own Global Download Centre starts off by forcing you to accept a user agreement which rubbed me up the wrong way but I am sure there is a very good reason. After this point Samsung have opted for a large list to help narrow down product type, subtype and finally model number until you reach your printer. It is a shame a traditional search function is not included as this seems to be a standard for other OEM manufacturers. The downloads themselves are normally offered either as a EXE which requires no extra software or a ZIP in which case I would recommend grabbing yourself a free download of either WinZip or WinRar.

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I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.

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