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Sumvision Psyc Torre WX Wifi Tower Speaker

Sumvision Psyc Torre WX Wifi Tower Speaker

Psyc (a sub-division of Sumvision) have been producing speakers and other audio equipment for many years. Their Torre range of tower speakers has been one of my personal favourite additions and I have been using the original Torre as a desktop/BBQ companion for many years. As such, I was very keen to check out the new Torre WX Wifi and Bluetooth tower speaker.

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The build quality of the Torre WX was evident from the moment I first laid hands on it. The solid wooden construction that comprises the majority of the speaker is wonderful and the slight textured effect looks great on my desk. The two speakers on the front of the tower are highlighted with some red plastic trim and give the whole thing a pretty unique look.

The majority of the ports and controls can be found mounted in the plastic top of the Torre WX and are all laid out sensibly. The main control panel is found on the very top of the speaker and the sizeable buttons are both self-explanatory and responsive.IMG_20170131_135015

My only real complaint with the construction of the Psyc Torre WX comes from the phone stand on the top of the unit. This stand clips in easily and sits firmly into the top without any screw fittings or similar. However the rubber grip that holds your phone/tablet in place is free to slide up and down the bar, impacting the otherwise flawless presentation of the speaker.



As someone who has never set up a wireless speaker before, I was pleasantly surprised how simple the process was. When using the suggested ‘Muzo Player’ app connecting was as simple as holding ‘M’ (Mode) on the speaker for 3 seconds and then following the small set of instructions on screen. This app is available from both the Apple store and Google Play store, so most phone/tablet users should be able to utilize this function.IMG_20170131_134957

From the Muzo Player app you can access both local files from your device or redirect to supported streaming services like Spotify, TuneIn and Tidal. After I was set up by this method I did however find myself just firing up Spotify and selecting the Torre WX from ‘Available Devices’.

Connecting via Bluetooth was equally simple and other than very occasional dips in sound, the listening experience was seamless.


Operating the Psyc Torre WX couldn’t be easier. The central ‘Mode’ button on the top is used to switch between Bluetooth and Wireless listening and the speaker automatically switches to Aux once you insert the supplied 3.5mm audio cable. Regardless of your listening method, the currently selected mode in clearly displayed on an otherwise invisible screen build into an angled panel on the speaker.IMG_20170131_134942

The rest of the buttons on the control panel are self-explanatory and are used to adjust volume or play/pause/skip tracks. My efforts to confuse the Torre WX were foiled and I was happy to see that pausing music from my phone and then switching to the built-in speaker controls worked as expected.

It is also worth noting that the Psyc Torre WX has a few other noteworthy features, like two ‘DC Out’ ports for charging devices, plus an SD and USB slot for playing MP3 files directly from flash media.


IMG_20170131_134912The sound quality produced by the Psyc Torre WX is great. I have happily spent the morning listening to some of my favourite music at a relatively high volume and have been very impressed. With a little fine tuning via the ‘Bass’ and ‘Treble’ dials on the back I had the speaker set up just fine. I did however have to sacrifice a little bass. This is presumably down to the lack of a sub that I came mounted to the underside of the first generation Torre speaker.

When using the Muzo Player app and multiple speakers I was able to simply change channels and achieve stereo sound with a few minor taps. This  gave a great effect and I would recommend it to anyone who has the funds (and spare plugs) for two small tower speakers in their permanent setup.

Our Verdict

Overall the Psyc Torre WX delivers on all of its promises and I cannot find anything to really grumble about here. Whatever your listening preference, I am confident in this fine tower speaker will deliver. I am keen to invest in a few more myself to broadcast music around the house regardless of where I am working at the time.

If you have any other questions about the Sumvision Psyc Torre WX then please do let us know in the comments below.

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