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Refilling Hewlett Packard HP 303, HP 303XL, HP 305 or HP 305XL Tri-Colour Ink Cartridges

Refilling Hewlett Packard HP 303, HP 303XL, HP 305 or HP 305XL Tri-Colour Ink Cartridges

Refilling the HP 303, HP 303XL, HP 305 or HP 305XL tri-colour ink cartridge at home is very easy and can offer you great results, with very little equipment. All you need is at least one syringe, plus some universal cyan, magenta and yellow ink. Simply remove the label, widen the fill holes (if necessary) and fill the relevant chambers of the HP 303, HP 303XL, HP 305 or HP 305XL ink cartridge with the amount of ink mentioned below.

When refilling the Hewlett Packard ink cartridges below, we recommend injecting the following amount of ink into the respective cyan, magenta and yellow chambers:

HP 303/T6N01AE: 3ml (9ml Total)
HP 303XL/T6N03AE: 3ml (9ml Total)
HP 305/3YM60AE: 3ml (9ml Total)
HP 305XL/3YM63AE: 3ml (9ml Total)

Even though the original HP 303, HP 303Xl, HP 305 or HP 305XL contain different amounts of ink, the sponges within are the same size, so you can use the 3ml of cyan, magenta and yellow ink (9ml total) in either type of cartridge when refilling.

This guide is intended purely to show where to inject the ink into these cartridges and how much we recommend using. For full refill instructions for these cartridges, please click here.

HP 303, HP 303XL, HP 305 and HP 305XL Tri-Colour Video Refill Guide

In all likelihood, you will be able to fit more ink in the HP 303XL, but we are yet to get our hands on sufficient empties to experiment. We will endeavour to update this article and produce new videos when we have them, but would recommend you playing safe with this lower fill for now.


The tri-colour HP 303 (T6N01AE) and HP 303XL (T6N03AE) are compatible with a select few Hewlett Packard colour inkjet printers, all of which can be found below…

  • Envy Inspire 7920e All-in-One
  • Envy Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-One
  • Envy Photo 6230
  • Envy Photo 6232
  • Envy Photo 6234
  • Envy Photo 7130
  • Envy Photo 7134
  • Envy Photo 7830
  • Tango
  • Tango X

The HP 305 or HP 305XL cartridges are compatible with many different printers. You can find a full list of compatible Hewlett Packard printers listed below…

  • Deskjet 2710
  • Deskjet 2710e
  • Deskjet 2720
  • Deskjet 2720e
  • Deskjet 2721
  • Deskjet 2721e
  • Deskjet 2722
  • Deskjet 2722e
  • Deskjet 2723
  • Deskjet 2723e
  • Deskjet 2724
  • Deskjet 4110e
  • Deskjet 4120e
  • Deskjet 4122e
  • Deskjet 4130e
  • Deskjet Plus 4110
  • Deskjet Plus 4120
  • Deskjet Plus 4122
  • Deskjet Plus 4130
  • Envy 6000
  • Envy 6010 All-in-One
  • Envy 6020 All-in-One
  • Envy 6022 All-in-One
  • Envy 6030 All-in-One
  • Envy 6032 All-in-One
  • Envy 6032e All-in-One
  • Envy 6432 e-All-in-One
  • Envy 6452 All-in-One
  • Envy Pro 6400
  • Envy Pro 6420 All-in-One
  • Envy Pro 6422 All-in-One
  • Envy Pro 6430 All-in-One
  • Envy Pro 6432 All-in-One

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