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Recent Brother and HP Firmware updates

Recent Brother and HP Firmware updates

Recently, we have become aware of some issues with the most recent ranges of Brother and HP printers., which have been rejecting compatible and remanufactured cartridges after firmware updates have been applied to their printers.


For those not aware, a firmware update is essentially defined as “Software for Hardware” – these updates are performed often to fix bugs and errors in the programming which can cause hardware to not operate correctly. Unfortunately for many consumers, Brother and HP appear to be updating the software in order to simply prevent the usage of “non-genuine cartridges”.

At the time of writing (20th October 2015), The issue seems to be affecting the range of Brother printers which take the LC121/LC123/LC125/LC127/LC129 & LC221/LC223/LC225/LC227/LC229 cartridges. HP printers which take the 932/933, 934/935, 950/951 & 970/971 cartridges have also been affected. In Brother Printers you will most commonly get a report of “Cartridge cannot be recognised” or “Please install cartridge, whilst HP printers will most likely report that the cartridge is “Missing or Damaged”.

At Refresh Cartridges, we always strive to ensure that we have the latest revision of the cartridges in stock, if you have any concerns at all that your printer may have been updated, please do get in touch with us prior to purchasing, as we can ensure that, wherever possible, the latest cartridges are sent or we can provide an update for when these cartridges will become available to us.

In the meantime, we would certainly recommend checking your printer properties or any Brother or HP software that may have been installed onto your system when you installed your printer, to see if your printer has automatic updates turned on, it may then be worth considering turning these off to prevent any future issues with cartridges being recognised.

If you do have any issues with any cartridges purchased from us, we are available from 8:45am to 5:45pm, by phone on 01803449339 or you can raise a ticket on our website at the following link https://refreshcartridges.co.uk/igloo/support/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

About the author

I've been employed by Refresh since mid 2011 and as one of our Customer Service staff have gained a good understanding of Printers and the Cartridge industry. A fan of Liverpool Football Club and all things Canadian, I'll often be the first port of call to any queries you have into our inbox.

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  1. alan hugh zebedee

    Hi Chris, I have an Epson xp 635 printer and I clicked on firmware update, and now it wont accept compatible ink. I cant afford the dear ink as it is £50. and I do a lot of printing. I wish someone could come up with an answer, as I cant use the printers.

  2. DavidC_Surrey

    That's a very worrying move. I have an XP-615 which I put a CISS system in. The printer often warns me that I am not using genuine Epson ink, although actually I am, I buy genuine Epson ink bottles to refill it, but these systems which pretend to be intelligent are really incredibly thick and purely designed to give most revenue to the manufacturer. eg. they tell you the ink cartridge is empty and refuse to use it anymore when it is still about half full!!
    Epson do at least now do a range of printers sold with a CISS system built in, into which you can pour their genuine ink and that will be the way I go when this printer gets replaced. 100 ml of each ink colour lasts me over a year and costs about £50-£60 total

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