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Inkjet or laser printer. Which should you buy?

...nd are good for printing images and photos although they do suffer from a slow printing speed and a lower quality text output in comparison to laser printers. Colour versions of Ink-jets simply spray, (usually) 3 different colours in order to make up any colour they require. Laser Printer This style of printer uses fine amounts of a dust-like substance called toner in order to create printouts. Basically, this toner is negatively charged in a spec...

Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer

...t cartridge you are only really buying a plastic container that is full of ink and the expensive technology controlling the distribution of ink remains inside the printer and is reused when you replace the cartridge. As there is nothing particularly unique about a plastic vessel with ink in it these cartridges are easy to replicate without breaking any copyright laws. These cartridges can be produced brand new in the Far East to the same specifica...

What is a Page Yield?

A page yield is an figure provided by an ink/toner cartridge manufacturer to give the consumer a rough idea how many pages they can expect from the cartridge. This allows consumers to check the running costs of their printers and also estimate how long a cartridge will last. A New Standard in Page Yields I heard news today regarding a new standard allowing consumers to compare the potential ongoing running costs of printers was being pushed throu...

Why Buy from Refresh Cartridges?

...in our offices and used on a daily basis. We want you to be happy with the products you purchase so that you place repeat orders and recommend us to friends so we do not sell cheap, low quality inkjet cartridges. Due to our large buying power and low margins we are still able to offer these at a fantastically low price....

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used on Our Website

...mages quickly and cheaply usually by the Xerography printing method. Piezo Inkjet Inkjet printing process that uses electric pulses from piezoelectric crystals to stimulate and force ink through inkjet nozzles onto substrates. Pigment Colorant that cannot be dissolved in a liquid. In inks, produces sharper, darker images on a wider range of plain papers. Pixel A tiny picture element that contains red, green and blue information for color rendering...

Ink Cartridge Symbols for HP 300 Range: Identifying which cartridge is a problem.

When using ink cartridges in you Hewlett Packard printer, occasionally the original or remanufactured HP 300/300XL ink cartridge will cause an error. The most common error being “Ink Cartridges Problem: Remove and reinstall the indicated ink cartridge”. Whilst this can normally be resolved with some simple troubleshooting (like that found here), it can be difficult to determine which cartridge your printer has a problem with. What does each symb...

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