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Refilling Lexmark 1, 2, 33, 35, 37A, 37XLA, 15A, 41A, 43XL & 5A

Refilling Lexmark 1, 2, 33, 35, 37A, 37XLA, 15A, 41A, 43XL & 5A

For these cartridges we recommend injecting the following amount of ink into each of the chambers (cyan/magenta/yellow):

1/018CX781E: 7ml (21ml Total)
2/018C0190E: 7ml (21ml Total)
33/018CX033E: 7ml (21ml Total)
35/018C0035E: 7ml (21ml Total)
37A/018C2160E: 7ml (21ml Total)
37XLA/018C2200E: 7ml (21ml Total)
15A/018C2100E: 7ml (21ml Total)
41A/018Y0341E: 7ml (21ml Total)
43XL/018YX143E: 7ml (21ml Total)
5A/18C1970E: 7ml (21ml Total)

If you have slight variants of the cartridge codes listed in this guide them please check that your cartridge does not say “Returns Programme Cartridge” under the number on the label. If it does I would advise against refilling it, as this cartridge will terminate when it believes it in empty and your printer will refuse to recognise it.

The air holes of these units are very small and you may have trouble getting needle of the syringe to fit. If this is the care I would recommend using the tool provided with many refill kits or a small drill bit to widen it.

This guide is intended purely to show where to inject the ink into these cartridges and how much we recommend using. For full refill instructions for these cartridges please click here.

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These cartridges are compatible with a variety of Lexmark printers including the Lexmark X2310, X2330, X2350, X2450,X2470, X3450, X3470, Z730, Z735, X2480, X2580, X3480, X3580, X4580, Z1380, Z1480, Z738, F4350, Home Copier Plus, P315, P4330, P4350, P450, P6200, P6250, P6350, P910, P915, X2500, X2510, X2530, X2550, X3310, X3330, X3350, X3530, X3550, X4300, X4530, X4550, X4550 Business Edition, X5070, X5250, X5260, X5270, X5410, X5450, X5470, X5470 Business Edition, X5490, X5495, X6300, X7170, X7310, X7350, X7350 Business Edition, X8310, X8350, X8350 Business Edition, Z1300, Z1310, Z1320, Z1400, Z1410, Z1420, Z815, Z816, Z845, X3650, X4650, X5650, X6650, X6675, Z2420, X2600, X2630, X2650, X2670, Z2300, Z2310, Z2320, P350, X4800, X4850, X4875, X4950, X4975, X4975ve, X6570, X6575, X7550, X7675, X9350, X9350 Business Edition, X9575, Z1520, Z2390, Z2490, X2690, X3690, X4690, X5690 and X6690.

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I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.

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  1. Vireshen

    I would like to know how to reset lexmark 33 and 34 and 100 after refillimg

    1. RefreshCarts

      The Lexmark #33 and #34 cartridges will actually continue to print even when the cartridge thinks it empty. As such there is no need to reset any electronics. The Lexmark 100 cartridge are a different story however. I am not currently aware of any re-setters currently available for them but have seen replacement chips on offer in various places.

  2. Ash

    Hi Matthew
    I have refilled my blck n colour cartridges 36 and 37 for lexmark3650.
    the cartridges make a streak on damp towel n there is ink in the cartridges.
    but still the printer would not read the ink levels.
    i have been struggling wit it for 2 days now. let the ink absorb properly overnight, restart printer 101 times. master reset the printer back to factory settting.
    uninstall the driver software . but all in vain
    so before I whack the printer open n break into 101 pieces in frustration i thought i give it a try.

    1. RefreshCarts

      It is perfectly normal for these cartridges to read as being empty after refilling, but this in itself won't stop you printing with the cartridge. Unless of course the label of your cartridge states “Returns Programme Cartridge” on the label. In which case your printer will prevent you from printing once it believes the cartridge is empty as mentioned in the guide.

  3. Debbie

    I have just refilled my 37xla cartridge for my Lexmark x5650es series printer. It is not printing in color. Can you tell me why? My understanding through research is the the xla cartridges are refillable but the others are not due to a chip inside the cartridges that cannot be reset because of the return program. How do I get my printer to print using the color?

  4. Cosmin Necsuleu

    Hi, please tell me if is posible to reset counter or reset chip on me printer lexmark x3650. Is posible to print again with a new one?



    1. RefreshCarts

      Sadly I am not aware of any way to reset the ink level estimates on these cartridges. I would however recommend simply buying Lexmark 36A and 37A cartridges for your printer as these cartridge do not terminate when they believe they are empty like Lexmark 'Return Programme' cartridges.

  5. Andy

    Hi I've just Copied How to. Refill ink cartridge For a Lexmark 43 xl. I've. Done what you have do. And put into my printer Lexmark x7675 And I done alignment And. A cartridge clean . And test on the paper but no Yellow Coming out .I put it in on the left side of the cartridge red at the top and blue on the right but I try now 8 time I've. Got a old cartridge and open it right up look in side it … It the same has your drawing Can you help me please O by the way it saying I have to remove tad protection Paper off the bottom of the cartridge They no paper on it just the copper strip with the Circuit board On it

  6. ane

    i refill ink 15 lexmark and he doesnt print because he says ''replace cartridge''.what can i do ?

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