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Epson inkjet printer rejecting printer cartridges? Try this!

Epson inkjet printer rejecting printer cartridges? Try this!

As a regular user of Epson ink-jet printers I find that occasionally a cartridge will be rejected by the printer for no reason. This may be a new cartridge or one that had been happily accepted for many weeks previously, I have had it with our own compatibles and even Epson originals. 90% I have been able to resolve this problem using one simple trick I would like to share with you today.

It is important of me to state that presently there are no Epson printers on the market that will not accept compatible cartridges and anyone who tells you otherwise has presumably been miss-informed themselves previously. Granted there are some printers that will give warnings when they are installed and some that are simply so new that compatible versions have not been developed for yet. However if you are reading this article and are currently clutching cartridges that have been sold to you as compatible with your machine do not give up hope.

Firstly read the message given to you by your printer and then read it again just to be sure that the message is not just asking for your permission to use the installed cartridge. Such a message will normally have a โ€œContinueโ€ prompt towards the bottom of the message. I know its obvious thing for me to ask you to check but you would be amazed how often something like this is overlooked.

If however your message is clearly stating the cartridge is not recognised or is not compatible please follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the cartridge/cartridges from your machine correctly with the printer on.If you are required to follow prompts on screen to change a cartridge make sure you do follow them, otherwise you should be able to simply lift the lid or press a specific button to get your carriage to slide across. Never, I repeat NEVER pull the carriage across to change a cartridge as your printer will not realise anything has changed. All you will do is cause damage to your printer and potentially your poor fingers as well.
  2. Turn your printer off and wait for a minute or so. Doing this will give your printer chance to clear the error it had and power down correctly. It may also be worth ensuring your printer is communicating this to your computer and that the error on screen has cleared.
  3. Turn your printer back on and wait for it to settle down and warn of a missing cartridge. Nobody likes to be woken up and instantly have half a dozen things shouted at them and your printer is the same. Taking an extra 30 seconds now may save you the time/ hassle of returning your cartridge or purchasing a new one.
  4. Re-install the cartridge/cartridges individually. Please make sure that you follow any instructions given to you or follow the procedures described in the manual. If multiple cartridges have been rejected I would recommend installing them individually and ensuring the cartridge is being recognised by the printer before repeating the process for the next cartridge. If any cartridges are rejected remove them from the printer immediately and either replace with another from your stock or move onto the next colour.

There are a variety of different causes of Epson inkjet cartridges not being recognised, ranging from damaged chips to the chip not being correctly aligned with the corresponding contacts inside the printer. However by following the above steps you are effectively forcing the cartridge to check thoroughly for a new cartridge and I fine this is much more reliable that rushing through the procedure like you may have done previously.

I hope this advice has helped, if however the problem continues then unfortunately it would appear you have a damaged, faulty or incompatible cartridge. In which case please simply get in contact with whoever the unit was purchased from to obtain a replacement.

About the author

I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep.

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  2. radoo

    Hi Matthew,

    I just got some replacement cartridges for my Epson PX830FWD.

    Unfortunately, the printer is rejecting all the cartridges except the black one, saying “cannot recognize the following ing cartridges. Try install them again.” And then it lists all other 5 cartridges and, contrary to your assertion, will not let me print, despite having pressed the Continue button from the Epson Easy Print application.

    I’d be happy to send you a video, photos and print-screens of the whole operation, if you are convinced that these cartridges should indeed work somehow.

    Best regards.

    1. Matthew Stevenson

      Your printer will indeed not let you print if it cannot recognise the cartridges. As your printer is rejecting the majority of the cartridges and not a single unit I would recommend running through the steps in the article again but installing the cartridges individually and checking they are accepted before repeating the process for the next cartridge. The important thing here is to remove any cartridges that the printer rejects immediately and either replace with another from your stock or move onto the next colour.

      In my experience problems like this are normally caused by a single faulty unit causing subsequently installed cartridges to be rejected, but these steps should help you narrow it down.

  3. Julie

    Hi – I have an Epson Workforce 325

    I have tried you trick of turn off and it will still not recognise the refilled genuine 138 cartridge ….any suggests please

    1. Matthew Stevenson

      It may be worth wiping down the chip with a non fibrous tissue to ensure there is no ink/dirt/oxidisation present. If this does not help then it seems there may be a genuine problem with the chip itself.

  4. Lucky

    All my cartridges are not genuine Epson ink cartridges. Out of the four colours the cyan one is the only cartridge that isn't being recognised. I've opened 3 brand new cyan cartridges none of them are being recognised. Is there something wrong with the cyan printer gold metal contacts,the ones that touch the cartridge chip?

    Yesterday the cyan ran out, which is why I tried installing a new cartridge, this didn't work nor did the other 2.

    I have tried cleaning the chip, and following instructions to reinstall the cartridges.

    What are my remaining options?
    Thank you for reading

  5. kathy

    i have the same problem, but with my yellow. all other other compatibles work, but the yellow comes up 'w11 not recognised'. if i put the original empty yellow in its recognised so cant be the contacts on the printer. ive tried several new yellows and same problem. very frustrating!

  6. Bob Lawson

    Thanks for posting this information, it's got my DX4450 working again, and so simply! I've spent a fortune on cartridges which weren't being recognised. Why does it always happen when you're in a hurry?

    Thanks again,


  7. Douglas Allan

    Hi Matthew, have you heard of this problem before, I have a DX4450 and upon renewing the cartridges the printer is not recognising the 4 together, I can put in any combination of 3 and the printer will pick them up, but when the 4th one goes in it rejects them all, they are all genuine Epson cartridges.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated

    1. Giova

      I have exactly the same problem with my DX4450…any suggestions?

      1. tombs31

        I also have the same problem with my Stylus nm415

  8. Adam Binnie

    Hi Matthew i have the same problem Douglas Allan has were i can put 3 in and it picks them up but soon as the 4th goes in bang it does not recognize any but if i go to stylus monitor and click info while they are still in and the printer display says it does not recognize ink cartridges T0712 / T0713 /T0714 it says that they are there and genuine and gives me there production date 07/2012 and i can not figure this out please help

  9. Keith

    Many of the newer Epson printers have a problem with their chip being aggressively programmed to reject not only 'non-genuine' cartridges, but also their own Epson cartridges if these are taken out when more than half empty, even if the same cartridge is reinserted within minutes. We had this problem with our SX435W, and bought numerous cartridges both genuine Epson and 'non-genuine' recycled ones. The chip had gotten itself into a loop where it simply refused to recognize any cartridge. We tried the advice above, carefully replacing the cartridges several times. It did not work. We even tried overwriting the firmware, but while the printer was displaying its error: 'cartridges not recognized' it would not let the firmware be overwritten. So it went into the garbage, and we will never buy Epson again.
    The Internet is rife with complaints about the newer ranges of Epson printers; a lot of people have found out about them the hard way.

  10. john

    epson sx445w printer says cart empty when i can clearly see it is half full is there any way of making it use the remaining ink

    1. RefreshCarts

      Sadly not. The chips on these cartridges estimate ink levels by counting the amount of pages printed and monitoring page coverage. As such manufacturers always tend to overfill to stop cartridges running out prematurely. This means you will inevitably end up with some ink left over when the cartridge thinks it is spent.

  11. The Plumber

    hi thank you this worked for me… the Plumber in Southampton UK

  12. chris cook

    hiya. i have recently bought refillable cartridges for my epson xp405. the computer states that they are full. but i cant get anything out of them. can you help. im a first time filler. Ive cleaned heads done nozzle checks, reinstalled them over and over again. only one that works is the original black one, the refillables dont want to part with their ink.
    Can you help please………..

    1. RefreshCarts

      In my limited experience with these cartridges head cleans are the way to go for troubleshooting after a refill. As you have already tried this I would recommend getting in touch with your supplier in case there is something that has been missed out during the refilling process. Issues with 3 out of 4 cartridges does seem excessively high.

  13. Buttoner

    Hi, I have an SX435 and all of a sudden half way through a cartridge it tells me its not recognised. Then It won't recognise any Magenta cartridges – I have bought another one and still it says unrecognised. I have turned it off, waited…. wiped the chip/contact but still it says unrecognised on magenta. Please can you advise?

  14. Rob B

    Hi. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R800 and have had occasional difficulty with compatible inks in the past, but have always been able to get it to print OK. However, I have just got an iMac and have hit a brick wall and cannot seem to get it to recognise any of the eight cartridges. On the Printer's "supply levels" all cartridges register as "Unknown" and on the Utility menu it states "ink out or incompatible ink cartridges.." for all eight. I have recently changed two cartridges.
    When I first plugged in the printer to the new computer, I was asked if I wanted to download a Driver software for it, to which I said Yes, so presumably the Driver is uptodate, from Epson.
    Is this a problem with the Driver? Or is it a problem with changing too many cartridges at once or what? Our old Macbook Pro seems to see the computer and inks more easily, which makes me wonder whether the Driver software is driving me to use only Epson genuine inks.

    1. Trevor Carrott

      Rob – similar problem! Been using compatibles for years with IMAC. I remember changing from pc to iMac and reloading software with no problems. However, recently upgraded to mountain lion os and shortly after problems started with printer. I noticed I no longer got the coloured ink supply bars, which was visually very useful. Instead, I've just got what you have "unknown". It won't accept any print jobs or even a print test page. The printer is flashing all the time saying I'm out of ink – when I know I'm not. I've tried everything now, including following the advice of the above article (switching off printer after removing all cartridges and replacing them one at a time). I don't even get prompts to load each individual cartridge. There's just one thing left to do and that is to remove all software and reload the original drivers. I'm going to try and ignore the prompts to upgrade to the latest driver, which for me at the moment is driver version 9.00. I checked that prior to see if there was a later version. I think the upgrade to mountain lion took care of that and so I've been using the latest driver. Interesting what you say about the driver dictating the need to use epson originals. I would have thought that would have been illegal. I mean – it's our right to use what cartridges we want and not what epson say we should use?

    2. Bill

      I had this exact issue! Been using my R220 for TEN YEARS with no problems with it. I downloaded an updated driver and suddenly cartridges that were fine before are now 'no longer recognised'. Needless to say my next printer, will not be an Epson and I heartily recommend anyone who doesn't mind using compatibles to steer well clear!

    3. Bob T

      I have an epson R340 and have upgraded to Win 7 Professional (32 bit). Driver on my installation CD came up with an incompatibility message and wouldn't install, so I upgraded to latest driver and now can't print at all except with a default driver for an Epson ESC/PR (whatever that is). Epson Easy Photo print won' t work with this default driver, which is very very basic, only handling A4. Fortunately the printer still works properly with my laptop, which has Win 7 (home edition), so I'm keeping it offline when I print photos so that Epson don't mug me with an update to my driver. I'm convinced epson is blackmailing users into buying epson inks through the driver software..

  15. arif

    hi i have an epson me-101. my printer is nor detecting the compatible cartridge. i had follow your step to repair it but unfortunately, when i leave cyan only in the printer, it ask me to replace the cyan cartridge and another window p[op up says that the other that i removed cannot be recognize. is this normal?

  16. Jenni

    I am using an Epso Stylus DX8400 printer, I've bought a packet of compatible cartridges the cian and the yellow are both fine however the magenta doesn't seem to be printing even once i've done a head clean, i've had to replace the magenta cartridge twice in 3 uses of the printer yet the ther colours have been fine. would this be a cartridge error or a printer error

    1. RefreshCarts

      Print quality issues with this machine are likely to be caused by a blocked or even defective portion of the printhead. The construction of these cartridges makes faults few and far between and the reoccurring of the same issue would certainly indicate a printhead issue to me.

      If 1-3 printhead cleans have not removed the blockage or the magenta ink disappears from your prints soon after cleaning this is indicative of a printhead malfunction.

  17. Nik. c

    I have an Epson Px 700 w, I was happily using compatibles, then after updating the drivers/ software, it rejected anything except Epson branded! They are so expensive at almost £50 a set, is there any way I can compatibles again, or even get a CISS that is compatible with the printer? I tried taking the compatibles out, then replacing, but to no avail, only the Epson work, everything is rejected….!

  18. Steve

    Many thanks, worked like a dream. DX 4400

    1. Diana

      Damn it really worked! I feel so dumb now..but thank you, man.

  19. Mike

    Hi, I have an Epson SX235W (wireless) printer and have used compatible cartridges since the original set were used up. There were no problems. However when a CYAN cartridge (compatible) ran out (I was using a T1292 purchased from somewhere online since Jan 2013) with no problems). The other 3 all compatible – black from the same manufacturer is working ok.

  20. Rick

    Great tip, Thx!!!! Epson XP-215

  21. Maureen

    Thanks Matthew, I really can’t thank you enough, followed your instructions for my newish Epson XP-305,

    it WORKED. Brilliant.

  22. duncan

    I have just bought a new EPSON xp 412 and after using the provided Epson cartridges when the black was used up I have tried many times to install a compatable new black cartridge there is no message which allows me to proceed as the message is always that it cannot recognise this cartridge. I have tried using three different compatable black cartridges from different suppliers. Has Epson changed it's software to make us only use Epson cartridges in future. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. trev

      Yes it has changed in the last year – my printer is nearly 5 years old and only recently has there been this problem , not sure how they've done it , but it's had me in rages and i am looking for a new printer (not an Epsom) – anyone recommend one that uses fake cartridges?

      1. Dick

        Don't blame Epson because the manufacturer of the compatible inks you bought do not have correctly programmed chips on them. Return them to your supplier and get your money back.

    2. Derek C

      Hi Duncan
      I have done the exact thing as you. I bought an XP412 and it will not accept compatible cartridges. After many days of investigating I have come to the conclusion that my XP412 has had recent updates (on the disc and on there web site) from Epson to stop you using compatible cartridges and to make you buy there cartridges at there stupid prices. I buy my cartridges from Ink World but after much dialogue they will not admit that there version of cartridges is lower than the version number of the latest XP412.(even though the manufacturing date is 20/2/2012 which is before the manufacture of these new printers) My version number is 7.11 and if I update the driver then it goes to 7.13 which is even higher. If the version number of the cartridge is lower than this then it is out of date with regard to the EC chip which is on the cartridge and the printer will not recognise it. . I have tried deleting, reinstalling all software and drivers from the disc and from windows and it does not make any difference. I have tried to find older versions of a driver for this model of printer I have tried taking the power lead out and then reinstalling after 10mins but to no avail. I have even tried speaking nicely to the printer but it will not listen to me. My friend has an EPSON 405 and the inks that I have bought work ok on this printer so there is nothing wrong with the cartridge except for the fact that the EC chip on it is not up to date to take the latest Software version of the XP412. Ink world are just sticking there heads in the sand and telling me that they have no problems with other customers and what I am trying to tell them that this is happening on the LATEST VERSION of the 412/413/415 printers as they have changed the software in the last 3 months and they will get problems. Only after they get these problems will they wake up and do something about it. I'm afraid Duncan that you have only three options 1) Buy an older Epson printer up to the XP405 2) Wait till the cartridge suppliers wake up and smell that they may have a problem with regard to Epson and supply new Cartridges with the updated EC chip (could be 6 months or more) 3) Take the printer back and get your money back and buy a printer that will except compatible cartridges.
      Just one other thing supports what I am saying. My friend bought 3 months ago, new Epson cartridges for his XP405 and on the packet it did not have the 412/413/415 model numbers. They do not work in my printer XP412. I have just bought a new pack of genuine Epson Cartridges which shows on the packet the XP30 up to and including the XP415 and they work in my printer AND the XP405. This is because the new Epson cartridges are up to date.
      Hope this helps

    3. Lin

      When I went through the procedure of removing ALL of the tanks, then replacing them one by one, hitting the "OK" button in between, I found out my problem was NOT with the NEW cartridge I was installing, but one of the others. I replaced it and then "heaven was restored in my universe." Believe me …it was the opposite before. grrrr … Good luck!

    4. liz

      I've got an Epson stylus sx130, its pretty new, not been used much but has ate it's way into the ink at an unexpected rate so I purchased some compatibles on Ebay and to my dismay the prints out are missing text and despite following the steps to clean the nozzle etc. nothing's worked. I contacted Epson to be told only genuine Epson cartridges work. I don't know what to do, I owned a canon for years and used compatible ink which worked fine.

  23. Grace

    On the Sainsbury's compatible cartridge it says "Important: when this cartridge has reached the end of its life the following message may appear: "ink cartridges cannot be recognised, please replace the cartridge" – it then says "this message is normal, there is no fault with the product". So …. I replaced the cartridge (with the same Sainsburyt's compatible) and guess what? It works! Yay! So I suggest you ignore the message and just replace your cartridge and see if that works – it did for me ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Anil

    I own one of these stupid epson printers also.

    Weird case

    It recognizes all cartridges except cyan. All contacts are clean and good but still nothing. Spent hours on this piece of garbage.

    1. Anil

      So I talked to a compatible chip manufacturer. He says that all the main information is stored in the back cartridge chip. The rest of the color cartridges are just “follow ups”.

      In compatible/resetable cartridges, if you don’t install the black cartridge, none of the rest would show up in the status monitor.

      Also, he says these chips tend to easily get short-circuited.

    2. Leslie

      Thanks Matthew but I've tried this on s22 and sx200 with zero success. When I was teaching we had never ending problems with ink in Epson printers. I don't know how Epson manage to keep dealers selling them. I would never advise anyone to by one of their infernally time and money wasting machines.

    3. margaret francis

      I am having the same problem, spent hours doing all the right things got new set of Epson inks still refuses to recognise cayan and yellow!!

      1. Fi

        Hi I've just bought an XP312 and had the same problems. It won't accept the Cyan cartridge, even after following the guidance above. How can I make it work?

        1. RefreshCarts

          Sadly this is far from a guaranteed fix. if your printer does not accept the cartridge I would recommend checking the code on the cartridge to ensure you have definitely been supplied with the correct one and then contacting your retailer for a replacement.

          1. Christian

            Tried 2 original cartridges no luck

  25. Dr W Whitfield

    I have an epson xp 413 I have fitted a genuine epson replacement cyan cartridge it worked for one very small page now it tells me its empty with a big cross on it ? It wont even print in black even though the black cartridge is new as well and is illustrated full. I have enabled the printer to priint in B/W to no avail. I can only assume that these printers are rubbish. Its still under guarantee ,bought from PC World. Its deffinately going back for another manufacturers replacement. When will these people learn.I bought this printer its mine they have no right to insist what I put in it or how I use it .Also when you install the software in your computer epson try and take over the whole bloody thing they are corrupt.

    1. Dr Whitfield

      That will be fine no problem I am so frustrated with Epson .

  26. Susan McDonald

    I have just replacer all my cartridges on my Epon xp-215 now it keeps tellin me the ink as run out

  27. Graeme

    Pile of epson shit !!! Straight in the bin !

  28. mark

    i refilled the black 125 on a epson workforce 325 and it says empty. whats a free way or not… to reset it.

  29. Whitt88

    My Epson PX730wd printer is rejecting new, full, original Epson T0802 CYAN cartridges, like fellows write further in this post. I have tried all the techniques mentioned below. Does anyone have newer sugestions? I now take seriously your criticisms of Epson.

  30. Graham Pick

    Many thanks. Worked a treat with my Epson XP-215. Very obliged.

  31. gyftakos

    i spend some time to see what happens with this problem. All i have to say is that if you use non genuine cartiges soon you gonna have problems! Also i have to say to all that if you have non genuine cartiges and genuine cartiges installed at the same time.. the most common problem is that the printer will reject them…. So to solve your problems use all inks genuine or all inks non genuine!!!!! Voila!

  32. Alan

    I have an xp 412 and the touch screen has gone blank. Lights up but nothing appears any suggestions before I scrap it

  33. Jackie Bailey

    Just want to THANK YOU! First time I had to change the cartridges and I got the failed to recognise message. I ended up going out and buying 18XL, as I thought the 18 cartridges must have been the wrong ones…then same message with the 18XL. Tried putting back the originals and same message!

    Came across your great advice here and followed it and SUCCESS!
    Thank you.

    1. Discover Delight

      Same here brilliant advice thanks Matthew

  34. Bert

    I have an Epson XP-215 and it refuses to recognise genuine epson cartridges. Tried everything. Had trouble yesterday and suddenly the 2 I replaced were recognised, then when the other 2 ran out, the same happened. Feel like throwing it out and buying anything but an epson. I think epson are so concerned about people useing compatable cartridges they have strengthened third magndts so much the machine will not recognise there own cartridges.

  35. Nessa

    Hi, I'm grateful for the tip which I've tried 4 times now. I'm now putting my Epson sx445w in the bin!! I've have always had problems with installing new cartridges (non brand) but this time every single cartridge gets recognised until I put the last one in & it rejects them all. I changed the order I install too to no avail. Livid because it's such a big brand & even the quality of print is questionable. So Im really glad I found this tip nevertheless as I can now at least say I tried & never buy Epson again. Thank you

  36. Uinsin O'Riabhaigh

    None of the above worked for me, it will not accept Black and Magenta. Recycling is the only answer and never touch an Epson printer again..

    Pity the old single cartridge (Black) Canon printer has disappeared ( less ink profit for Epson)

  37. Jonathan O'Connell

    This article really helped me because, after using my "new" cartridges for about six months, in an Epson WP-4535, after doing some printing, the black cartridge stopped being recognized. As I tried refitting this, all the others three came up with the same problem. I imagined an update must have occurred, but on trying your suggestion, everything went back to normal, apart from the original fault and after refitting the Black cartridge again, all back to normal. I feel it may have just been the device crashing and needing a hard reset. If I get any more problems, I will let you know. Thank you for the great article!

  38. Dr Andrew Upshall

    you shouldn't have to piss about like that we should just change cartridges and on we go Epson has a big name but in actual fact is a pile of shite,

    1. Joanne the knowall

      Hey Dr Andrew I like people who call a spade a dagger. Go on mate tell it as it is

      1. nigelraymentofmagnifiedlearning

        No Andrew is right. These products are ununtterable garbage.

    2. Sheila

      I agree. I will not be purchasing another Epson brand printer, as why all this hassle, when their advertising claims such ease of use and savings on ink…what about the savings on time. Rather underhand the way they operate, imho.

  39. josephine

    hi i have an Epson sx235w all in one printer its almost 2years old….all of a sudden all the lights started flashing on the control panel i have tried all sorts to get them to go out to no avail….but as it still printed fine i thought well so be it and left it …. now i have a problem as my T1283 ink cartridge needs replaced and i cannot do this without being able to use the red STOP/REPLACE INK/PAPER JAM button any suggestions on how i can bypass this to replace my ink cartridge please

  40. Lesley

    Fantastic, it worked after nearly throwing in! Thank you I now have ink

  41. Guest

    Make sure you put the colour cartridges in the compatible colour print slots in your printer

  42. elizabeth

    Hi just want to say thank you for the instructions,been trying for ages took your advice and my goodness it worked thank you.

  43. Shirley

    Thank you very much for your information, did everything you said, to do, and it worked. Brilliant, printing this out right now, to keep for future reference. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Granny Phyllis

    Enter a new technio granny loived the instructions, si easy and patient, unfortunately my proboem has not been solved, so taking your advice and contacting suppliertext right here!

  45. ronkw

    My Rx500 was rejecting every cartridge, after accepting them for years. Followed your instructions but only took out the magenta which was the start of my problems. Your method worked with only having to install the missing magenta. Now I'll work on my Epson xp800 printer which I've never got to accept any clone cartridges. Thanks

  46. BettySmith

    My epson XP-215 is still showing low cartridge.I tried as suggested taking cartridge out etc but it did not work as it is still showing low cartridge did not pick up that the cartridge was out.I have only had my printer 18mths and its not used much,many thanks for your help.

    1. chris

      same here…new printer time

  47. Dawn

    Hi I have an Epson WF 2530 I have purchased compatible ink cartridges and they are now not recogised, I have done everything suggested above I can't even reset or go onto main menu, please help.

  48. gloria young

    I have a workforce 545.. changed a cartridge and can't get it to print anymore. is it dead? I can print /copy but nothing comes when I attempt to print from my computer.. help!!

  49. Jacob

    My work force 1410 doesn't print all 6 color in nozzle check instead only first 4 color are printed.As result,my printouts are missing those two colors although they shown to be active and ready for printing.Help sir!

  50. mickey

    my stylus 1400 does not recognized the cartridges

  51. sue

    I have an Epson DX5000 printer, have been using 'Jetplay' cartridges, for my printer to accept them I have had to turn the ink level monitor off, now the ink level error light on printer is on, how do I check which cartridge needs changing?

  52. Mirek

    Hi Guys, regarding my knowledge of Epson printers generally, the problem is caused by first installation of the printer software , when you go to finish the installation, there the prompt asks you for registration of the product/printer, never do that, in case the SW doesn't allow you to continue/finish, just restart the PC, the drivers will be saved on your HD anyway . Never allow Epson any updates, because by updates they mean SW which is going to block compatible cartridges in your Epson printer.
    In case you already installed your Epson drivers and accepted the registration, the only way to solve troubles with compatible cartridges is, complete uninstall Epson SW/drivers from your PS,and install by install by CD Epson drivers again, but unplug/disconnect internet connection during installation . Again, don't allow/accept registration and updates from Epson, never ever ever.
    I hope it will be helpful for someone . Regards Mirek

    1. Mike Carr

      Hi – managed to avoid XP-212 updates and registration until recently (prob. grandchildren using printer) so now printer will copy from panel, shows all OK on Status Sheet,but will not respond to PC (though Ping ok).
      Would like to follow your cure, para.2 – but need help with 'uninstall drivers' and where to get Epson CD: please?
      (Aged 85, struggling ever since Win XP was axed!)

    2. tom

      NEVER ACCEPT UPDATES…… You got that right. That's how I ended up with the POS Epson I got saddled with. Had an old HP 680 that worked fine just quirky so I UPDATED. BAM NEVER WORKED AGAIN DUE TO INK CARTRIDGE WARNING.

    3. judy1angel

      Thanks Mirek – unfortunately I did have a sneaking suspicion that I ought not register and click yes to updates, but I'm naive, and sadly its too late . . . wish I'd read this first ๐Ÿ™

  53. ROB

    Hello Mirek,, Many Thanks for the information , Rob.

  54. Nina

    I just bought original cartridges as my compatible cheaper ones were saying non compatible. I was still getting the message “non compatible” even with the brand new original cartridges. Found this site and realized that I was doing what I NEVER should and was sliding the carriage along with my hand. What an idiot! Loads of compatible cartridges thrown out because of my own stupidity and thought i’d have to buy a new printer.

    Thanks for your guide it was a life saver!

    1. Linda

      Was replacing Epson cartridge – magenta – wouldn't "recognize". Did everything above. No luck. However, figured I didn't have anything to lose at that point, so I gently wiped the contacts on the cartridge with a damp finger. Put cartridge back in and SUCCESS!!

  55. Kylie

    I have a Epson XP 200 and use Epson 200 back ink but last time I bought 200XL as other one runs out to fast. The printer is registering its there but absolutely nothing prints. I thought it was cartridge so I bought another one and still does not print . can you suggest what I can do please.

  56. Trish

    Thank you for your very good instructions. It all worked very well until I got to the black ink cartridge. That one was deemed incompatible. However, on close inspection I could see a bit of debris in the cartridge compartment. I removed this and unfortunately it still doesn't work. Looking even more closely, a superficial part of the compartment is missing – it is nowhere near the contacts. Does this mean I have to ditch the printer. It will not print with an incompatible black ink cartridge and an Epsom one wont make any difference I'm sure.

  57. davidg2p


    The key is, install ONLY ONE CARTRIDGE at a time!!!

    This way, the printer will tell you which one is defective and makes recognition of ALL cartridges impossible!

    You saved my day, my weekend — and my marriage!

    PS: This was an Epson Stylus Photo R200 with compatible cartridges.

    1. RefreshCarts

      Wehey! I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for getting in touch.

  58. Graham Thomas

    Your instructions are exactly right. I followed your advice carefully and solved the problem entirely. Well done and thank you.

    1. RefreshCarts

      No problem, glad to have been of help.

  59. Brian Weston

    I have been using refillable cartridges with my Epson printer for the past four years. A computer crash last year meant some program changes, however 2 months ago after cleaning my printer it started rejecting the ink cartridges. I have tried combination of reloading them but always it rejects the last. I have tried many combinations of turning off the printer after each colour ink was replaced. I purchased new carrtridges(refillableas previously used, thinking the others may be worn in some way). but to no avail. I have been reading the remarks by numerous contributors and Epson owners. I intend purchasing, a new computer and printer. I fear the printer will not be an Epson. Can anyone recommend a printer please.

  60. Brian Weston

    Can anyone please recommend a WiFi printer,that is economic to run. Particularly interested in refillable cartridges.

  61. Rocio

    I have an epson stylus SX 105 I have tried everything you mention above but nothing work. can I use cartridges from different mark?

  62. Irene Philp

    Irene Philp
    I have just tried your remedy and hey presto it works. Wasted a whole morning fiddling with inks and ready to bin the Epson printer but you have saved my sanity. Many thanks.

    1. RefreshCarts

      No problem at all. Glad to have been able to help.

  63. Kevin

    Hello I have a Epsom SX435W which has refillable cartridges installed it has worked fine up until a few days ago when it stated one of the cartridges was not recognised. I have carefully wiped all of the cartridge contacts and made sure they are clean. I can install up to 3 cartridges OK but on the 4th it will state that cartridge is not recognized, it does not matter which is the last cartridge, the last cartridge installed is the one not recognized. I can remove 2 cartridges and install the one that was stating not recognised and it will state the missing cartridge is not installed correctly then when I install final cartridge again that is the one that is not recognised. HELP PLEASE

  64. Gail

    My Artisan 800 claims a new light magenta cartridge is incompatible. If I remove all of them and replace them one by one, closing the printer lid between each addition, the light magenta cartridge IS recognized (no matter what order I put the cartridges back in the printer) UNTIL the last cartridge is installed. Then the printer ceases to "see" the light magenta cartridge. I'm using Epson cartridges. Is the printer toast? (It IS quite old…..)

  65. Mrc

    HELP Needed- I have an Epson Wf-5620 – six month old….. I have replace the INK cartridges with compatible ones, all good and have worked fine…… until a cartridge (BLK) needed to be refiled, which was done. NOW black does not appear on the printed paper. I have checked the ink level from the the printers key pad – this shows all cartridge empty. I have re-installed cartridges three times and have done this task individually – still NOT working correctly – Does anyone know what hasn't been done or what have I done wrong.

  66. Stanton

    Well done you—-fantastic bit of advice

  67. Sarah

    Thank you so much for your advice. I was pulling my hair out with new ink cartridge. Your advice is marvellous.

  68. Mary

    Hey there, thanks ever so much for the tip! I have tried to look for the reset button near the circuit board but nowhere to be found ๐Ÿ™
    I'm using Epson T28xx cartridges for the Espon Stylus SX435W. Is it possible than the manufacturer has made itmagically disappeared from this model? Thanks again!

  69. Fiachra ร“ Comhraรญ

    Brilliant ! Thank you.

  70. Jayde Richards

    I have an Epson Stylus SX445W that i havent used for a while and have a problem with the Magenta apparently being unrecognisable. (weird as it was the colour that worked before hand) we have done the method you have suggested however it still isn't working. have tried a Tesco cartridge, an Asda cartridge and an Epson one and still no luck.


    1. Mike

      Jayde, Did you find a solution as I have exactly the same problem?

      I have ordered a chip-resetter but am not sure that it will cure the problem.

      Best wishes,


  71. Chris

    Many thanks indeed, I followed your advice and to my surprise it worked, because when I did this it then gave me the option of continuing with a non-standard cartridge. Previously, that option was not available as it just wouldn't recognise the cartridge at all. My printer is a WF-2530 by the way.

  72. Mima

    Excellent advice. I have been fiddling around all morning with Windows 10 and my Epson WF2530 trying to get it to print. You have saved me! The only thing I would add is that, having followed the procedure (I was able to replace all cartridges in one go) and having seen in the status monitor that ink was now recognised and available – (ready to print message), I then tried to print an email and that wouldn't work so I did a test page from a document and that gave me yet another message to say was I sure I wanted to continue with these non-Epson cartridges? You bet I do! After that it worked fine. Thank you!

    1. Sheila

      Lol. Your "I bet I do!" made me laugh (Epson: trying it on, much??). Having problems with the replaced compatible (Picture Perfect compatible ink cartridges) for my Epson XP 305 and it is printing all the colours except for black.

      Wondering if this is due to the fact that the other colours are Epson original cartridges and the black is the newly replaced compatible cartridge?

      I will give the above advice a try, as have cleaned heads, nozzles, switched on and off but not for a long enough period, maybe…annoying, as wasting loads of ink). Cheers.

  73. graham

    Thanks for the advice (and video too). I have an Epson XP-212, and after it rejected a couple of different cartridges in the cyan slot I discovered that the middle of the five wires at the bottom of the receiving slot had broken off. (I'd send a pickie if i could attach one to explain).
    Does that mean bin the entire printer, or do you know if it's possible to get and replace the cartridge holder casing?
    Thanks, Grahamn

  74. Chris

    Hello, I have an Epson XP 322 and it is rejecting all ink cartridges I put in. The ink cartridges that I put in when I got it were the ones it came with labelled 'set up' now they are run out I can not use the other Epson cartridges I have bought for it…
    Any ideas of what going on?

    1. jojo

      This is the same with me, did you find a solution. I don't want to try a second cartridge I feel like I'll be losing money.

      1. sonia

        did you guys found a solution? my new ink cartriges are recognised by the printer as setup cartriges?

    2. jan

      i have tried all day today to put in genuine ink cartridges. still coming up not recognised. so fed up I could chuck it away
      xp 332

    3. Bob Pickles

      Chris, tried your list but no joy. Getting really angry. Is it not ILLEGAL to prohibit competition like this? Otherwise you'd never be able to fit general parts to a Ford vehicle which is quite common or only be able to fit Bosch spark plugs to a VW Beetle. It can't be right what Epson (&HP) are doing or is it?

    4. Wendy

      Me too. I replaced the set up cartridges when they ran out with non Epson ink cartridges. All reviews state that they will work. Got the usual error warning about not using non Epson cartridges and o.k.'d through it. I have spent endless hours trying to get documents to print without success. Printer takes paper through but page is still coming out blank. I have done all the usual head cleaning etc., but still no luck. I am loathe to buy the genuine Epson cartridges as if they don't work I have wasted my money. The printer was given to me almost new, now I know why! Any ideas anyone?

  75. RJL

    Works like a dream every rime. Many thanks.

  76. Idiot

    Works with my Epson Expression XP-830 – thank you.

    As an aside, we only bought this printer because it has the rear feed slot, and I won't be buying Epson again. Not because of the cartridge changing hassle, but because of the enormous amount of faff that is involved with everything it does. After changing the cartridge, it whirrs away for a few minutes. Turn it on: more faff. Change paper feed location: more faff.

  77. Greg Warner

    If u have a problem Luke WILLIS then it should let u hit ok and it will ask if u want to continue using this ink. Hit ok and the problem should be fixed.

  78. Lucy

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o))))))))

  79. Lucy

    You are a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. dee

    thanks, I was almost at the stage of throwing my printer through the window….im delighted to say I followed your advice and now my printer is up and running…thanks so much..

  81. Helen

    Thank you, that was so simple and I was getting so frustrated!

  82. lui

    T.T may printer wont detect all the cartridges tried original and refillable still same result it epson t10

  83. Wendy Rodway

    I tried your advice but still my red light comes on I'm using Epsom xp215 and never had this problem before. I am using Epsom cartridges and always do, never use compatibles . I'm now tearing my hair out and as this printer was ok before and I've thrown away old cartridges I'm at a loose end to know what to try next. HELP PLEASE

  84. Kathy Bowerman

    Please help – I am tearing my hair out. I have now tried three band new blue compatible cartridges and none of them are being recognised. I switched the printer off and switched on again having taken out the cartridge and still no luck. ๐Ÿ™

  85. Jim

    I bought a Epson expression XP-630 and now I can't get Ink that will work. I have to get it from Epson, and they charge so much that they should give you a new Printer to go with it each time you buy Ink. I found out now that they updated their software so you have to buy from them. As soon as I can find out where to send it they will get this crap back but in small pieces. Does anyone know how to undo their update?

    1. Frank N.B.

      Hi, just to say that I am currently having same problem with my XP 630. I feel angry that they can do this because paying Epson prices for inks is a rip-off and almost cheaper to buy a new printer. Sounds like I will have to pay for genuine Epson ink then.

      1. Ann Cain

        It's illegal for them to do this and to void warranty if generic equivalents are installed. I just bought a new model WF-2750 that's not recognizing EPSON CARTRIDGES! They finally overnighted new black ink cartridge which the printer recognized but a day later when Magenta and Cyan had to be replaced, the damn printer again didn't recognize their own PRODUCTS! Even putting empties back in resulted in only one of those being recognized. This stuff is junk and has wasted my time with their Phillippino reps making me go through the BS exercises suggested here and didn't help a bit….just took more time and made me even madder than I was. Now, I'm supposed to call them again and I'll bet you they refuse to give me my money back. They'll want to send out more ink or a new printer! Why is Epson using foreign workers I can barely understand during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS? MY FIRST AND LAST EPSON!

    2. Bob Pickles

      Does anyone know of a printer make that isn't so flaming fussy what cartridges you use?

      1. Kim

        No, wish I new. Have the same problem as you do.

    3. Helen

      I have the Epson XP 630 too. Only had it 6 months and it's not accepting any new EPSON inks, lt alone any other brands! Its so exasperating. New firmware is available on my PC, however it will not install since there is a printer issue as the cartridges are not recognised. Does anyone know how to get around this issue so that I can install new firmware to hopefully avoid this issue in future?! Help much appreciated……

      1. Tom

        Welcome to the Epson House of Pain. Needless to say neither you I or any other sane person is ever going to buy anything from this outfit again. I tried compatibles which just won't work . Now I am on to some refillables with the resetting microchip. Straight out of Hong Kong with absolutely no directions. Today I tried those and for whatever reason they don't work either yet. So the research project continues until I find the secret handshake to make them read. I am starting to think it's not a issue with the tanks after all but the stupid machine. I notice that I see people now unable to even use Epson tanks. What a piece of trash.

    4. David

      Also having this problem – annoying, have tried all sorts of suggestions to no avail. Feel forced into the situation where I will dump the printer rather than pay Epson prices. Needless to say – will never buy an Epson printer again

  86. rayb15

    Thanks Mate worked a treat

  87. Bill Thatcher

    I have just replaced a black ink cartridge in my Epsom XP-322 and on completion the printer did not charge it. I am now getting no black ink printing. Can you help?

    1. RefreshCarts

      If your printer is going through the motions of printing, but not putting any black ink to paper then I would recommend running 1-3 cleaning cycles from your printer. This is likely to pull the ink through and will hopefully get you up and running.

  88. Charles

    Well, sadlyu that didn't work for me despite a number of tries. Do I throw the printer away??

  89. Connor

    Hi I am an Epson xp432 brand new, first time used it was a few days ago with the genuine Epson cartridges that came with it, however after they have ran out i put new none genuine cartridges in and just receive the cartridge not recognised error, I have tried two different sets of none genuine cartridges in it and had no luck it only comes up with this message and won't let me accept the cartridges at all i can't even golf that display screen unless I put the genuine ones in, I have tried cleaning the chip, and all the above suggestions you have made but have still had no luck, do you have any ideas? Thanks

    1. Amy

      I have the same problem with my Epson xp 432….just wondered if you ever found a solution? Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks

  90. Sally Ling

    Well, thanks so much. I was trying to install compatible cartridges, and when that didn't work I resorted to Epson's own make. They arrived, and I had the same problems – until I looked here.
    Thanks again.

  91. Mike

    This is what I do.

    1. Remove all Cartridges.
    2. Power Off printer.
    3. Turn off internet connection (As am suspicious Printer is connecting to Epson as I use refillable cartridges).
    4. Remove Power lead to printer. SX445W..
    5. Hold down Power button on printer for 30 seconds.
    6. Replace Power lead to printer and turn on.
    7.Wait for carriage to move and printer signals no cartridges.
    8. Replace Black and yellow then red and blue.
    9. Press OK and wait for checking to complete.
    10. Should be OK now and off you go, reconnect internet.
    Its a pain, error always seems to happen when I am connected to internet, hence my suspicions, but it works maybe for a few weeks and then happens again.

    1. jan

      tried this but still saying not recognised. xp 332

    2. Sam

      Hi Mike :
      I have WF435 and tried 22 cartridges didn't work and I was ready to throw the printer out the window and I saw your post and I did everything that u said, start working for few pages and then the copies start coming out with yellow,blue,pink lines and I couldn't fix it , totally disconnected from WiFi and I am using it as a copy machine. Any advise ?

    3. Fire

      I was so fed up with the Epson Ink Saga that I bought a HP Printer that was on special offer cheaper than the set of inks. However., before consigning the Stylus SX125 to the skip I tried your procedure with one genuine and three compatibles. It worked just as you said. However, there is really something malevolent about Epson's ink cartridge policy that it needs a world-wide protest. Thanks again Mike

    4. moira

      desperate to try anything. but it won't even let me remove all the cartridges, as i remove one the others hide beyond my reach
      but thanks for the advice, if id got beyond 1 it might have worked
      off to the library to print, then to the recycling with the printer

    5. Christine

      Thanks so much, worked a treat…compatible cartridge Epson 405

    6. LESA REDD

      i tried this whole process twice, and it kept telling me "ink cartridge not recognized: Y " (Yellow); even though I was installing a brand new $22.99 (high capacity). yellow epson cartridge. But it is on my workforce 520.. I've had this prob. several times with the yellow…. so always going to buy a new one, instead of being able to use the Costco refilled one. But this time , there is nothing to pacify this thing. I am so tired of this…. adding in Costco time, and office place time, I've spent more than 2.5 hours on this — just today! the WORKFARCE 520. WILL NEVER BUY EPSON AGAIN.

    7. Carol

      Absolutely spot on it worked thank you

    8. katie-starfish

      Thank you so much Mike! Yours was the ONLY solution that worked on my Epson XP-215. I'll copy your instructions for future reference ๐Ÿ˜€

    9. Sally

      Thank you for your tips for installing generic ink cartridges. My Epson WF-2630 printer did not recognize the generic yellow ink cartridge from Buyalot, so I turned off the internet and turned off my printer and now it is showing that my yellow ink is full. I'm going to save lots of money buying generic 220XL ink cartridges from now on..$12.99 compared to $54.99. Thank you!

    10. AMW

      didn't work for me on xp 720

    11. Joshua

      Works an absolute treat for my Epson XP 215
      Been trying for hours, but this is bang on – you are my absolute saviour
      Thankyou very much

    12. Thomas

      well I tried what you said here – feeling like an idiot as I was doing so – but kept fingers crossed…and then guess what?
      Ink cartridges STILL not recognized. I called Epson support and told them the error message I kept getting "ink catridges not recognized" (of course I didnt tell them I tried Mike's method) and they asked me to e-mail them a snapshot of the error message and they would replace the ink cartridges for me…now THAT's a first so I did and now I'm just waiting to get them within 3-5 business days. Then we'll see what happens.

    13. Nikolai Komissarov

      Hi !!
      I did it WORK !
      Did everything you said. And it NOT work
      AFTER ……. i have installed all color cartridges, BUT NOT BLACK !!
      After system recognize all COLORS and PBK, then I put BK separately !
      And its start to work.
      Its look like a problem in BLACK cartridge !

    14. James Harrower

      Thank you Mike it worked perfectly

      J. Harrower.

    15. cassie44

      Thank you Mike, this worked for me, after hours of faffing about. I agree with Disybud on this forum, never buy Epsom again.

    16. Bob13

      Uh oh. Just did not work for me. 9/17/17


    17. Emma

      HI, Ive just installed some new ink cartridges and its not printing ink out, any ideas why or what i could do?

  92. Rosalind Styles

    I have bought a new set of epson originals, as my current epson originals are showing as two needing changing, however on going to replace them the old ones are still weighty and clearly have plenty of ink sloshing around inside of them and have ink eminating clearly from the cartridge when i took them out. Tried the method of swithing off, clearing the residual power and switching on empty and returning the cartridges one at a time and this worked for all of about a few seconds, by the time the second cartridge went in it was deciding to reject the first one again. This is rather annoying as clearly there is ink left in the cartridges and more than just a bit but it seems the only solution is to waste a lot of money and put new ones in which are just the same but will presumably work. Does the chip decide that the ink is empty perhaps without knowing, just guessing? is there a way to tell the chip it is not empty please?

  93. Maurice Alexander

    genuine ink cart. fitted to stylus SX200 but says not recognised can you help

  94. angry printer user

    will never again buy an epsom printer

  95. lorna

    So this advice is really great, but what happens when the printer just won't move the cartridge holder across, regardless of how long i hold down the button for it.

    1. james

      on mine i have to press the stop button on & off to get the carriage to move to the correct position

  96. Jacee

    I have an Epson WF2650 and I have replaced the C ink cartridge three times and the replace statement is still coming up. Help

  97. Miss WP Brown

    I have only bought genuine Epsom cartridges and they seem to keep wanting replacing I always get them from Tesco and I don't use my printer much as it is expensive it says cartridges not recognised what can I do and if I have to buy a new printer ( I have not had this one very long – Which one would you recommend

    1. Miss wp Brown

      Trying to steal money off the public they are dishonest I want to show them up

  98. Sharon

    Ive bought 2 lots of cartridges for my XP630 and none other than the originals work – so even more expense as they last 2 mins and I have bought two other sets that do not work!
    Tried doing the above and it just did not work – keeps asking me to replace the ink and never asks for the missing cartridge.

    1. Julie

      I agree Sharon – mine's the same – my feedback will be Epson is a shit printer!

      1. Tomm

        You are so right. Never again Epson although I'm sure they all are cooking up devious ways to force us to buy their rip off priced ink. I can't find a way to beat the "cant recognize cartridges " either with my POS XP 630.

    2. Mike B

      Hi Sharon,

      likewise, I have a XP-630 and attempted various replacement cartridges all of which were sold to me by reputable companies selling supposedly "compatible" cartridges. I tried all the recommended fixes to get them to be recognised but without success. I called the supplier and despite assuring me that they would be accepted by the printer, eventually agreed to a refund and instructed me to bin the cartridges – to me, a sign of admission that they were NOT compatible. Currys PC World are offering best deals at present.

  99. J Murdoch

    Never buy an Epson printer as they are useless

  100. Andy

    I have been using compatable cartridges for some time in my epson xp-55printer until an update on saturday 5 november when one ran out just after an the update now it wont recognise them. Saying they are incompatable

    1. RefreshCarts

      There was a firmware update earlier this year that disabled the use of most compatible cartridges on the market. Most manufacturers have however produced revised versions now that will work with your printer. I would recommend contacting whoever they were purchased from and getting replacements.

  101. Adrian

    I'm having difficulty finding compatible ink cartridges for an Epson XP235. Are there any out there?

  102. Debbie

    Followed the advice and the poxy thing still won't load them – buying a good brand next time Epson should be taken to court for trade description because as soon as you use the first set of cartridges no others will load – then you buy more replacements only to find you have the same problem but cannot take them back as you have now opened them SHOCKING LOAD OF BEEP

  103. anita

    Great advice!! Could not get my newer epson to work but as soon as I took out the cartridges, cut off the internet, then replaced, and now it is working perfect!! My older r1800 never had a problem with non genuine ink and prints beautifully! Now both work. One is for recipes and simple prints the other for larger framed prints. What is the since of owning printers if one can not afford the ink! Thank you!!

  104. Kupcak

    i cringe as i ready step 1
    Remove the cartridge/cartridges from your machine correctly with the printer on.If you are required to follow prompts on screen to change a cartridge make sure you do follow them, otherwise you should be able to simply lift the lid or press a specific button to get your carriage to slide across. Never, I repeat NEVER pull the carriage across to change a cartridge as your printer will not realise anything has changed. All you will do is cause damage to your printer and potentially your poor fingers as well.

    soooooo if you have a young friend that DID push the track manually and now the ink track is stuck in the far righter corner… what hope do i have?????

  105. cara

    I found that mine was throwing the "can't recognize" error with my non-OEM cartridges, when in fact those cartridges were simply out of ink. Changed them for new non-OEM ones and it now works perfectly!

  106. Martin

    Hi I’ve a Epsom xp335 I’ve used compatible inks from new and putting the third magenta cartridge in goes through set up saying non genuine ink pressed ok as usually accept it but won’t print magenta tried cleaning it this is second printer to do it in couple months any ideas thanks

  107. Yamunna

    I have an epson xp 435 and bought compatible cartridges for it. I had to push it in a bit with a little difficulty and took it out a few times as they werent recognised. I then realised i have the inks for another epson model. Will my printer spoil like inmediately?

  108. Lea

    HI my xp-422 has been working ok with non epson cartridges but now it says I need to replace c and it will not let me take the cartridge out, no amount of tugging will release it? Help.

  109. Sean

    epson artisan 800 error wont go away after putting in 3rd party ink, even after putting in epson ink i still get the error with red x that says "an error has occurred, Turn off the power, wait a few seconds, and turn on the power.

  110. Roy Jones

    Hi , i have a Epson WF-2530 , Have always bought remanufactured cartridges and have never had a problem. Only bought my printer about a year ago now. I bought 1 for my brother and he phoned me up today saying the printer wont recognise the cartridges, very strange as it is the same printer as mine. I will relay this info so he can sort it out himself.

  111. Caroline

    Wow, thankyou! My Epson 2630 needed a replacement cartridge, and simply wouldn't print with the new ones. It didn't tell me a cartridge was not recognised, it simply printed blacnk pages. Your trick worked, it's back to printing all colours. Thanks so much!

  112. Nicholas McCarthy

    A black ink compatible for my Epson XP342 was playing up. (Not printing the heading, but printing the rest of the page)
    I did as you advised in your 'TRY THIS' and with perfect results. Cheers.

  113. Ron

    I have a Epson WF-2530 it is a multi-function unit, from when I purchased it in 2014 until just recently I have not had any issue’s with the ink cartridges that I’ve been using, and they were remanufactured ink cartridges, now the printer will not printer a blessed word, and yet it will scan, fax and copy with the same ink cartridges in it. Personally I cannot afford Epson ink cartridges, and beside the remanufactured ink cartridges last twice as long and cost half what Epson’s charging for ink, I really don’t understand why it won’t print with a remanufactured in cartridges but in will use the same ink to make copies. Personal note I am thinking of using this printer the next time I visit the range or possibly use it as a boat anchor. Sorry about repeat myself, it happens when something like this goes on and it hurts lots of people who don’t have the money Epson is charging for ink cartridges.

  114. Ron

    Everyone who owns a Epson inkjet printer that will not print because of the remanufactured ink cartridges, incompatibility ( or so they say) should send back to Epson postage due, along with a announcement that they will never buy another Epson printer Inkjet or otherwise.

  115. Laura Lis

    I have an Artisan 810 Epson printer. I have never had a cartridge issue. I do not use generic cartridges. One cartridge (cyan) keeps saying it is not recognized. I have tried to clean the contacts, turn off computer (unplug), reinsert the cartridge, and bought a new cartridge and still, I"m getting errors. Any thoughts?

  116. Jordan

    XP-960 Installed cartridges purchased from CompandSave. Took a bit of fussing, but it seemed to accept it. It will print one document, and then say the cartridges are not installed properly. I really. REALLY don't want to have to reinstall cartridges for every document! Please tell me there's a solution for this!

    1. RefreshCarts

      If the steps here do not help, then there is almost certainly an issue with the cartridges. I can only recommend contacting your retailer and obtaining further assistance or replacements.

  117. Rob

    I'v been using compatibles in my BX304FW for some time, however now it will not recognise any of them, no matter what make. It should be illegal for Epson to download firmware onto your printer to prevent them using compatibles. PS do they know what you are printing as well? If the printer is connected to the internet then they can monitor you ink levels and cartridge types they can also check and monitor what you are printing, oh yes!

  118. Jessica

    I have a epson xp-435 and i have done all the above but no ink cartridges will work in the machine? Any help to why

    1. RefreshCarts

      Epson have released a series of firmware updates over the last year or so that disabled the use of compatible ink cartridges. If you are struggling with several sets then I would recommend getting in touch with your retailer. Most manufacturers should now have cartridges with updated chips available that they can offer as replacements.

  119. Williams

    Tried Mike's tip – Failed with xp 410

  120. Vicky

    Help i have epson xp422

    Will not let me print since changibg blue cartridge.

    Have re done with other status still shows low ink

  121. angela

    I recently purchased a Epson XP-245. I have replaced the black ink cartridge twice now and each time they have failed to work. I have just copied the instructions above but still it seems that my black ink doesnt want to work. I have replaced other colours and they are working fine. Apart from my black ink which is genuine epson ink. Any other suggestions?

    1. Diana Lawer

      I have exactly the same problem, identical XP-245, purchased last month. Black cartridge that came with the new printer was nearly runningout so I decided to put new 'Strawberry' logo one in. I had two new packs – first black not accepted; second new Epson black not accepted. Old one put back again and it worked OK. I shall phone Epson help desk first thing tomorrow. Never had this problem with my old Epson XP-215 but the print heads had gone. So very annoying!!

  122. Jackie

    Hi there i have an epson stylus sx 215 and it printing green can anybody tell me what is wrong or have yous any hints

  123. Tjebbe van Tijen

    thank you for the procedure… it gave some structure to what I was trying… Epson itself of course fails to explain the dysfunctional software they deliver… Once I applied your basic principle I did get beyond the red light on my simple D78 that had been resting for over a year (and yes I know it means almost death by 'arteriosclerosis' … why they do not deliver a small tube that fits over the nozzles with the printer and a link to a good video on-line… No such things printers are part of a huge environmental problem… I need just a colour printer for a cool coded book tag system in libraries… including QR-codes… now it works.

  124. FWStern

    I have an XP 400. It said to replace the black ink cartridge, which I did. Then it still said it had to be replaced. As i had installed an old, but still unopened cartridge, I replaced it with a newly purchased one. Still no dice. No matter how often I reset or change cartridges, no dice. Bye, Epson

  125. Dimo

    I have an XP-312 and it has told me I need to change the black cartridge, when I do so and it starts to check for the cartridge the screen displays "Checking ink cartridges" and remains stuck on that. I have left it for over an hour and it still says the same, the only way to then turn the printer off is by pulling out the plug as the turn off button won't even work when it's stuck on this display. I have followed various tips which state to remove the cartridge, turn off and then replace once prompted when turning back on. Each time it leads back to the point where the printer is checking for the cartridge and won't go any further. Can anyone provide any advice? The cartridge is definitely compatible

  126. Lisa

    I have a Epson WF 1100 – One black cartridge (Epson) said it was not genuine and one cartridge (blue) said it was empty. I tried the steps (other than disconnecting my wifi at the source since it's on another level of my house. I replaced the cartridges in the order suggested and now it just says the printer is busy and won't show any of the cartridges! So now onto a restart of the printer with fingers crossed. Nope. It won't show any of the other ink cartridges as the black cartridge is the one with the issue of being not genuine – yet it is! Do I bother buying all new cartridges? Do I buy two black as printing the black was the original issue? (it would only print two lines with a space of an inch or so of blank between)

  127. Sarah

    Tried all the suggestions. Still doesn't work. Going to have to buy Epson Ink – so expensive!!!

  128. Erika N Mainez

    there are steps to take from the start menu to make the inks recognized and i got them from an epson rep back in 2016. when i had the same issue this year, and i had called, nobody seems to know what im talking about and states that i HAVE to buy genuine ink which i don't because it's sooo expensive. someone has to know the steps for the computer to recognize the ink to get it fixed. i just never wrote them down and now im having a hard time with my printer and i have new ink.

  129. Ryan

    I have epson xp245, black ink ran out, so i refilled it and resest using chip resetter but doesn’t recognise the ink catridge, tried reset other ink catridges and they have been reset to full level…but black one didn’t….any help and suggestion would be appriciated, thanks.

  130. Disybud

    I think the next thing to do is take all these Epson machines back to the stores they were bought from and demand a new machine of a different brand. I have tried everything that anyone has suggested to no avail! Never again will I buy anything Epson.

    1. Novella Hall

      i have tried the above suggestions to no avail. I only use Epson cartridges, but I am guessing that the company farms out the contract to lesser companies and the printer is saying it doesn't like those. can't prove it. I tried replacing the former almost used up cartridges and it allows printing so far. but it will will soon that they have to be replaced.



    3. ADn

      epson is really useless item it does not accepting any cartridge NEVER AGAIN EPSON

    4. Joanne

      I agree. I have tried everything. Nothing seems to work. It is a royal pain.

  131. Glenn

    Just because of all the issues I buy all Epson replacement cartridges. I would not recognize a brand new Epson cartridge so I ordered the cartridge repair kit that flushes the jet system and it still won't recognize the black cartridge. I have a stylus NX300. I have tried ALL the tricks I can find on line and nothing works HELP..

  132. Wil

    i got fed up and tossed my wf-2630 off my deck its now in pieces fuck epson and their garbage this printer was barely 2 months old and this was the first cartridge change would not accept any cartridges other than the initial ones in the box. took the cartridge back to staples and they wont swap them out anymore

    1. Brittany

      I have an Epson XP-205 and tried everything including firmware updates and software updaters, thinking the printer wasn't even being detected by my Mac. It turns out that turning the wifi off on the computer whilst replacing the cartridges worked a treat! Hope you solved your printer problem!

  133. John Quinn

    I followed the steps above but my printer still won't accept the ink cartridges which are full of ink but it is telling me that they are empty.

  134. Bill

    I have had 4 Epson printers to date. the first 2 not being wi-fi worked forever till I replaced them for newer models. I bought a Photo PX700W which was wi-fi, but replaced it with an apple friendly XP 700 and used the earlier model in another room. The Photo PX700W worked perfectly until I got a message saying, "waist ink pads full". I googled it and checked the in ink pads to find them not full, but cleaned them anyway. Put everything back to find I now need a code which presumably is from Epson. Pay again. My new Epson XP 700 Apple friendly but not user friendly, now will not except a black photo cartridge, saying "cannot recognise"Tried all the suggestions to no avail. Fxxk Epson, will never buy one again

  135. Malc Howarth

    My new Epson XP-640 is another Epson rip off. It printed out a stunning quality picture that I was at first impressed with and so I printed more copies.
    In doing so I had to replace all of the "set up" cartridges plus 2 extra XL magenta and another black XL cartridge that cost a fortune for just 40 8×6 photos and 30 b/w documents.
    Nothing like it claims to do. It does not do "what it says on the tin".
    It will not take compatible cartridges either . I have been conned yet again by Epson whom I recently found out have a set limit to the number of documents each printer will make before Epson stop it from working by locking it and forcing customers to pay out for unnecessary repairs or buy another printer.
    Are these tactics legal ?
    Good job that car manufacturers don't have the same policy.

    Won't see you again Epson.

  136. Rayleen

    Well my experience is a bit different. I have the WF-3460. I have always used Epson ink cartridges. I just bought a pack of the three colors because my yellow ran out. Shortly after inserting the new yellow, the printer decided the cyan and magenta were empty. Prior to changing the yellow, they were both half full in the check ink levels. I spent the afternoon doing all the tasks recommended online. Finally I decided to just see what would happen if I put the other two new cartridges in because of something i read online about Epson. Voila. Ink. But honestly, the two I removed have ink in them. You can shake them and hear they are about half full. Rather annoying. I thought I'd add my story in hopes it helps others. Change all cartridges at once…. ?

  137. Vik

    I have an EPSON Arisan 837, I ONLY use Genuine Epson Ink…and I am having the same problem! I've tried all the fixes I can find online and nothing is working. I have wasted more ink cartridges putting brand new ones in only to have the same issue. I guess it is time to just buy a new printer. Any recommendations??

  138. Henry Kaye

    I see that a lot of people are having problems with their Epson printers. Let me add to the list! I have an XP235 and have changed cartridges a few times since purchasing it but I now find that the cartridges I have simple won't fit into the appropriate slot! I've tried calling Epson and though they listen and promise to call me back – they never do. I.m about buy a new printer but I would be interested to see any comments.

  139. brian

    Hi i have had the same problems as most but if you go into google and ask why you will find that epson printers have a sensor in their cartridges so it wont reconise any other cartridges they suggest using a chip re-setter but if this works or not i dont know

  140. E Halford


    My Epson XP-335 says ‘Ypu need to replace ink cartridges’. I have tried to replace with non compatible and it still comes up with this message. I have tried taking cartridge out, turning off for several minutes and then putting in new cartridge again, but still same message. I have tried another new black cartridge with same result. my Cyan cartridge is showing as empty and other color cartridges are also almost empty. Do I have to buty new colour cartridges also as I never print in colour?

  141. Anne-Marie Raymond

    Epson – you suck. Printer going in the bin. Anyone know of a printer manufacturer not forcing you to use their branded consumables?

  142. Alan Skyrme

    I bought an XP 241 plus some ink cartridges. When installing I used the new cartridges rather than the ones in the box. Just ran out of ink and tried to install the “initial cartridge” but printer won’t accept it. How dumb is this?

    So I have a set of cartridges that cannot be used and now have to buy new ones.

    Not only that but the scanner doesnt seem to want to work unless cartridges of ink are at least partially full. Scanning doesnt need ink!

  143. D.Fielding

    I am trying to replace cartridges on my Epson XP-305. I have done this many times without problem. This time, however, I simply cannot remove the cyan because its hook has apparently broken off (I have no idea when or how).

    The cartridge simply refuses to lift off.

    Any suggestions?

  144. John N

    Tips worked for me

  145. James Baylis

    My PX650 used to accept alternative ink cartridges but now, no chance. It won’t even accept the quarter full Epson cartridge I have just taken out and put back in again. Neither will it accept a refilled Epson Cartridge. It just shows ERROR on the screen. If I am truthful, I really can’t afford Epson ink at ยฃ67 a set, so will have to think about abandoning this fine printer for one that I can afford. Shame really that Epson can hoodwink customers into such a scam. I was tempted to buy a new printer from Epson with a tank but these people are too artful for me. It will have to be Goodbye Epson.

  146. NielsJMP

    Hi, thanks for trying to help us all!
    Im the happy (well – until today) owner of an Epson 2760, I bought non original cartridges 18months ago that have been working fine until today where I needed to print a lot and emptied all the cartridges one by one. Now here is the strange thing: It recognized cyan and magenta (just with the usual blah blah blah warning) but I cant get through with black and yellow. Have tried to install them one by one, power off, internet off … anything.
    I could imagine its the damn socalled firmware updates that cause it and of course I will prevent that in future. But here and now: Is there any way to kind of “reinstall an old update that looks like new” that does not contain the blocking of the last years cartridge productions?
    Thanks – again – all the best – Niels

  147. Suzanne

    Thank You!

  148. priya

    hi, so i have the epson wf-3640 and i was able to print successfully and now suddenly the black cartridge is not recognized. i tried the steps above, removing all cartridges, turning printer off, and replacing each cartridge individually and the black remains unrecognized. i’m just frustrated because it was working fine and all of a sudden the black that was already there is now unrecognized. any other suggestions you have?

    thanks for all the help in advance!

  149. Bob

    I have a Epson XP-830 that had no problems with the cartridges till Epson updater ran an update. Ran the update and installed successfully. Right after that the printer would not recognize the black or photo black. Removed and reinstalled the cartridge and still get the error that will not recognize them. Tried shutting off the printer for few minutes, starts up goes right back to error messages. Since this was some type of software the went to printer itself, wondering if there was anyway to back out the updates or reset the printer itself? The printer itself is less than a years old and I really don’t do a lot of printing. This is my 3rd Epson printer and never had problem with any of them till now.

  150. Hou Se

    If Epson thinks they make friends and will receive word of mouth advertisement from me they are wrong!!

    Who in his sane mind thinks too refuse printing black when only cyan is ’empty’!

    As it isnt even empty!

    And now they come with an update.

    I pass!

  151. james parker

    just about to readjust my Epson xp425 with a hammer. now it will never refuse a genuine cyan or black cartridge again.

    Never again a printer by Epson

  152. Amin

    Hi, I have a Epson Stylus Pro 7700. I can’t seem to install the Photo Black cartridge anymore. I just wonder if the bottom metal pin the sits at the bottom of the cartridge has moved up and is preventing the cartridge from installing correctly. All other cartridges are fine for removing and installing only the photo black can’t be pushed in and clicked into place.

    If it is the bottom silver pn, what part would I need to order to resolve this issue.


  153. P Browne

    I have an Epson SX 235W. I have been trying to get my yellow cartridge ink to work. All the other colours seem to be working . It is only stopping at the yellow one. I have tried a second yellow cartridge but it is having the same problem. Do you think it is a problem with the printer itself? What do you suggest I do? I have tried cleaning the brass connection plate on the cartridge but no good!

  154. John Woollams


    I just used you procedure on an WF-2630. The only issue was that after the last step it seemed to go into a loop saying “preparing ink cartridriges” Turned the machine off an on again. Works a treat.

    Thank you so much

  155. Stuart

    Legend. Worked a treat !

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