Printer Cartridge Recycling with Refresh

Recycling Your Printer Cartridges

In 2006 approximately 120 million laser toner and inkjet cartridges were sold throughout Europe. Regrettably, only about 25% of these units were recovered for re-use (the preferred EU recycling solution).

Each year, our partner recycling company prevents approximately 2,500 tonnes of printer consumables entering the waste stream. They were the first recycler to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, their site uses green renewable energy and they continuously strive to ensure that all products used on site are recycled therefore reducing our impact on climate change.

As a company we are also in the process of reviewing our carbon footprint and making proactive steps to reduce it in both our warehouses and local stores.

Whilst the collection and resale of used printer cartridges is a commercial activity, the benefit to the environment is incontrovertible.

Ink Cartridge Recycling

If you have an inkjet cartridge to recycle please simply pop it in to any envelope, print out a label by clicking the link below, stick it to the outside of the envelope and we will be happy to get it recycled on your behalf.


Literally any Inkjet Cartridge can be returned to the address above including those originally manufactured by Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak and Lexmark.

The above address is only suitable for Inkjet Cartridges.
If you have any toner cartridges to be recycled then the procedure is different for these larger units so please check the column to the right.

Cartridges with the printer head present (most Dell, HP and Lexmark cartridges) typically hold a residual value and in this instance a donation will be made to our chosen charity to the value of the returned units.

Cartridges which don't include the printer head (most Brother, Epson and Kodak cartridges) are typically worthless so in most instances we will simply recycle them and no donation will be made to charity.

Toner Cartridge Recycling
Temporarily Unavailable

Unfortunately the recycling company that we work with has suspended collection at present due to them currently running a cartridge surplus. We will update this page as the situation changes.


Please try to accumulate at least a dozen or so OEM cartridges in order to make this process economically viable. If you are looking to recycle Inkjet Cartridges then please click here as the procedure is different for these units.

Unfortunately we are no longer aware of any company who will collect remanufactured toner cartridges due to them being expensive to collect and holding no monetary value.

Most manufacturers will only recycle a toner cartridge once and as such a cartridge that has already been remanufactured is practically worthless.

Most local councils now collect empty cartridges so in this instance the empty unit would usually be recycled as part of your domestic recycling collection.