Sagem Fax

Sagem Fax

The French company Sagem produced consumer electronics and related products for a period of 80 years, before finally becoming defunct in 2005. Although they are mainly known for their line of phones, Sagem were also involved in the production of many other products ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the humble fax machine. It is the latter that is of primary interest to us here, especially their range of Phonefax facimille machines.

The printers you will find here are compatible with the TTR-815 and TTR-900 fax rolls, of which we offer high quality compatible alternatives to the fine Sagem originals. Just like the genuine Sagem fax rolls, these compatible alternatives offer an estimated 140 pages of print. Every product you will find listed in the categories below benefit from free shipping within the UK and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

+  Sagem Phonefax 2312

+  Sagem Phonefax 2330

+  Sagem Phonefax 2350

+  Sagem Phonefax 2355

+  Sagem Phonefax 2390

+  Sagem Phonefax 2395

+  Sagem Phonefax 2410

+  Sagem Phonefax 2420

+  Sagem Phonefax 2425

+  Sagem Phonefax 2440

+  Sagem Phonefax 2445

+  Sagem Phonefax 305

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