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Installing a printer ink cartridge

Posted by Refresh Cartridges Admin on 13 September 2011 11:41 AM

This guide is not intended for those already adept at installing and using printer cartridges. It is instead aimed at assisting beginners, and hence is very basic, with few technical terms. This is by no means a technical guide, nor is it meant to act as such.

Simply follow the pointers in this short checklist, which will hopefully act as a guide to ensure your cartridge works perfectly from the beginning.

It would be almost impossible to cover every detail of the specific print software supplied with every printer, simply due to the huge range of ink jet printers on the market today. This guide is thus very general, and addresses only the most common errors and points of note in the majority of printers.


Step One : Remove the seal

Gently remove the seal which helps keeps the ink fresh whilst in storage. This is usually a small plastic lip that needs to be snapped off, or a sticky tape seal which needs to be peeled off. If this is not done correctly, then the ink cartridge will either supply insufficient ink to the print job or simply not work at all. Also please ensure that you’ve closed the ink cartridge caddy covers properly.

This seemingly obvious stage is easily forgotten, and is critical to successful installation.

Step Two : Align the print heads
The second stage requires the use of the printer’s software utilities. These can usually be found in the ‘Printers’ section of your ‘Control Panel.’

Aligning the heads is an automatic process performed by your printer – however, if the automated function is not performed successfully, then you may need to initiate the process manually from the print utilities menu.

Step Three : Clean the Print Heads
Once the alignment is complete it is recommended that you clean the printheads. Again, this is usually an automatic process. However, it may need to be done more than once to ensure the best quality prints. The option to clean your print heads can also be found within your print utilities menu.

If the printer head clean is not carried out, the print-out may appear to be missing lines or even entire colours. To prevent such a waste of ink and time, please check that the test page printed by your computer is satisfactory.

Step Four : Final Check
Having run the utilities in Steps 2 and 3, your printer should be ready for normal operation and able to go ahead with any of your pending print jobs. However, we would recommend that you print something colourful and also some black text on to a plain piece of paper, to ensure that everything is in working order before using more expensive printer paper.

If you complete these tests with no problems then you have successfully installed your new inkjet cartridge(s). Should any problems with either of the test pages reoccur, simply repeat the above steps, in particular step 3.  If your problems persist, then please visit the ‘troubleshooter’ section of this website.

Finally, we do suggest that your inkjet cartridges should be used within the recommended 24 months from the date of purchase, and 6 months from the time the cartridge is installed into the printer.

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