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Why have I been billed incorrectly?

Posted by Refresh Cartridges Admin on 13 September 2011 10:52 AM

There are usually two main causes of confusion when you view your payment to us on your credit/debit card statement.

You have been billed twice for the product

This can happen if your order confirmation was submitted twice. You should find in this instance that our system has automatically picked up the duplicated transaction and refunded it however if this is not the case then please do get back in contact with us.

You have been billed for your order and then another smaller amount

When you submit your payment to us our bankers have to perform an AVS (Address) and CV2 (Security Code) check and to do this a very small amount has to be submitted so the check can be completed before the full amount is deducted – This is standard customer not present practice and not something unique to Refresh Cartridges.

The amount submitted is usually around the £1 mark (most commonly £1.01) and once the check has been completed successfully this amount is immediately refunded back to you. Most customers will never be aware of this amount having been deducted then refunded and the transaction will not show up on one of your paper statements however those with Internet banking who check their accounts shortly after processing an order may be startled by its appearance.

Please rest assured that you haven’t been charged anymore than the amount that was agreed at the point of ordering and that this figure will automatically disappear from your statement within a few days of making the order.

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