Cheaper Printing at your Fingertips

Does your printer prove too costly to run?
Would you be better looking at an alternative machine?
We've got you covered with our quick and handy cheaper printing tool below.

Your Budget for a Printer

Drag the sliders below to set your budget

Budget of £0 to £1210

What type of printer are you after?
Any Particular Brand?
Monochrome (Black & White) or Colour?
Any Required Features? (optional)

Do you need to use original cartridges. or will compatible ones do the trick?

How do you determine the printers value rating?

Well it's quite simple really, the values are based on the average cost per page for a print out, using the price of a full single set of cartridges purchased from our website and other associated replacable elements.

Where printers can take both regular and larger sized cartridges of the same type, the average of the two values has been used it's calculation.

As a guide:

For Compatibles:
A score greater than 150 should be good value in general.
A score less than 50 may prove costly in the long-term.

For Originals:
A score greater than 75 should be good value in general.
A score less than 25 may prove costly in the long-term.

What about the cost of the printer? Isn't that a factor?

We realize that this can be a big factor, so we've included a handy printer price slider to set your printer purchasing budget accordingly.

Whilst we're using each printers RRP you may be able to find special discounts from certain websites so you may be able to set the maximum budget higher than you intend and still find an affordable printer.

But I need my printer to have a certain feature (e.g. wireless networking, fax features, etc)

That's no problem, simply check off the required features you need and we'll handle the rest.

This is great, can I share this with others?

Yes! Please feel free to share this tool with whoever you like, or even dislike!
We'd love to hear stories where our cheaper printing tool has saved you and your business money and will feature our favourite stories on this page with your permission.